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  1. ohh, no, my base wasnt destroyed moslings killed my krampus sack, somehow they used that "whirlwind" thing and pushed my krampus sack in the water, with all the items in it thats when i went full emo and deleted all my 2 save games with 400+days and another one with 300+ i regret it 5 mins later, np
  2. now i just catch a new bird every time i need one this "seed tube" is a good idea
  3. ohh it is indeed i liked it when i installed it first, got to the 155th days and now this "update" happened my eyebrellas disappeared, i dont get sanity from food aymore, and items from chester disappeared when i came back from the caves too thanks obama
  4. i think i'll delete this game and maybe come back a few months later when it will be playable these bugs are really annoying
  5. why food doesnt give +sanity anymore? is this a bug?
  6. just installed it existing eyebrellas disappeared is this inteded?
  7. or just deerclops nests in the normal world, where you could find them every winter...
  8. or when they say that they want to enjoy the game, they actually just want to enjoy the game, it shouldnt be hard to understand even for you the main reason i am not posting my suggestions on the forums are ppl like you, unforunatly, ppl like u are the majority, so it would be pointless anway I just deleted my 400+day world and created a new one with deerclops set to "lots" and hound attack set to "more" so i could enjoy this awesome game a little more
  9. Show us your camp!

    that is some nice trick for free silk i feel like i learned something usefull now, i will definitely build something like this in my camp edit: btw, what is the actual range of a lightning rod?
  10. Show us your camp!

    here is mine: i am so proud of it : )) http://1.ii.gl/lIWzNe.png http://4.ii.gl/K5Mtg6.png http://3.ii.gl/NU9JNi.png http://4.ii.gl/y8ZZ5w.png http://4.ii.gl/AeutWp.png http://4.ii.gl/ERBdR1.png http://4.ii.gl/FywEIf.png http://2.ii.gl/D2-HSh.png http://4.ii.gl/EHdlhJ.png http://1.ii.gl/7yq6RR.png
  11. i dont think it is, u wont have that many green gems