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  1. Hm... so far I've got no luck with the scml file, and you mentioned editing the animation file (.xml?) wouldn't work. My guess is that its something to do with the autocompiler and the commands it gathers from looking at the scml. What I mean more simply is that the autocompiler has a set 'list' in which it follows, and even changing the scml file can't change this 'list'. (It's just a theory.) But, this is definitely editable because monsters have a different constructs and layering. What I think is that we'll find the answer to layering by taking a step back and look into how to create a character from scratch, which means how to deal with custom animation and working in spriter / exporting spriter images. It seems complicated and I'll be looking into this in about a month or two when school lessens up. Something about this tutorial, the Extended Sample Character is that the parts are spaced out with the dimensioned changed, and it autocompiles correctly even with these major changes in the script. That means it can be changed, somehow. Even other characters are missing folders (some don't have shirts or pigtails, etc), which leads me to believe you can add folders too, and these new folders would need a z index too, right? Its a lot to look into, and I'm more of an artist, not a coder. But if you happen to find anything new, please let me know! Just throw me a message or mention if you want to bounce ideas or something. Ah, well it was worth a shot to ask. And yes, I've actually documented my progress with editing the timeline IDs, but changing them in spriter doesn't change how they appear in-game (even when it displays correctly in spriter!) I even dug around some forms to see if there's a way in spriter to change the z index but it looks like that feature isn't implemented. What's worse is I can't seem to find any topics related to this issue. I really want to figure out how to make long hair in Don't Starve possible without using pigtails.
  2. @DragonDePlatino, you're having the same problem I'm having, although mine involves long hair layering. @HungryBerryBush Do you know some workaround to this? Is there anyway to edit the z index or perhaps add another folder altogether?
  3. Hello! It looks like you have a more art-orientated question, so I'll see if I can help. Your style of lines is consistent and clean, however the style of Don't Starve is sketchy and messy. It's kind of hard to get this look, but if you draw with quick, fast strokes you can get this style. For example, the current style you have is more like lineart, drawn with a steady hand or tool. The sketchy style is more erratic and scratchy. It's also extremely useful to have a tablet or something with pen pressure to achieve that signature look. Below is gif examples of what I consider lineart techniques and the scratchy style. Also, it would be useful to look at this thread by TheDanaAddams for more art related stuff. Lastly, it was mentioned that the artist of Don't Starve draw in Adobe Flash (an animation / coding program), however you can get this look in most other art programs. I typically draw in Paint Tool Sai (not free), but you can also draw in programs like Gimp (its free and here is their website). Under the spoiler is the pen settings I use for Sai.
  4. Like I mentioned, I'm no pro and doubt this method is the only one. I really don't mean to dishearten you from doing what you want to do, and perhaps there is someone else who knows how to do this, or you'll come up with something on your own? I'm sorry all I know about this is negative stuff. I wish I could be more helpful or positive. Super skilled in the art part of mods? I think TheDanaAddams might be who you're looking for. (The link is to her old character mod thread.) Just thought I should direct you to them, but I don't know how active they are on the forums. I believe skirt-0 and 1 are for the front and back views, since 1 is flipped horizontally.* Skirt-3 looks to be an animated frame, perhaps when you're attacking. It could also be part of DST, maybe for an emote. Skirt-2 is a frame for animation, when you're walking (see below). I actually thought these might be in conjunction with mining, since your character lifts off the ground but this is not the case. Skirt-4 is the 'bones' one, which shows when your character is struck by lightening. (So theoretically, you can leave this blank if you want, or frayed or anything really. It's typically portrayed with 'bones' for that cartoony look.) *Note that I would recommend testing this on a character to see if any of these are used specifically for the side view. If you saw my video walkthrough for the extended sample character mod, you'll see I put a red X over the character's eye. I would recommend tagging the skirts in a similar fashion to see which one you're looking for. Also, for different angles I would be wary of that. For example, headbase-2 gets flipped horizontally when imported into spriter, so when you make it you have to flip it for it to be put on correctly. I'd imagine there is some coding or command that tells spriter to do this with other parts as well, and skirts might follow this rule too. Make sure to test this, just in case. Sometimes viewing the pivot points helps too. Below is screenshots I got in-game to test my theories, curtsey of Wickerbottom. As for dialog, you'll notice when you examine things that the mouth is open. Judging from Wilson HD, we can gather that face-8, face-9, and face-10 is used for dialog. Yep, only those three. In DST they seem to have added many more expressions, but I don't actually know if they're used for more dialog. I believe they're mostly used for the emotes, and maybe DST specific events (because I don't see why Klei would recode already scripted dialog commands). Some examples of DST specific events are PVP, DST monsters, and DST recipes.
  5. Also you mentioned in another thread (but I'll put this here since you wanted your art and coding topics separate): I don't think there is an official human character to reference, however when I was making my mod I replaced the cat head and face files with Wilson HD mod to better adjust the art. Attached is a cleaner zip version of the Wilson-Esctemplate character mashup I made for a human base. It has a few pieces from my own mod as placeholders. I should also mention I didn't touch the coding on the scml for this either. As for how to do the actual art, you'll have to take it into a drawing / editing program and draw over with your own art. What I did is take a screenshot (you can use the preview files inside the zip for this) and draw on top of it in several layers. The head, face, hair, body, etc are all on different layers. You'll be essentially making puppet pieces, then when it looks like what you want, take the pieces and replace the ones in the file. Make sure the positioning is the same! (But if you want to position something differently, like the face being lower, just lower it in the png itself.) Lastly, do not change the dimension. They're part of the coding/compiling process. I hope this helps make the art process easier! Art Assets - Wilson
  6. I'm no pro, but I can maybe help you by telling you some things I've learned. 1. If you mean an entirely new piece, you'll be dealing with editing the compiler, I think. Which also means editing custom animation! If you mean to just replace the torso, you might have clipping issues and the pivot would need to be adjusted. Again, custom animation might be needed to make it right. Did you mean something long like a trenchcoat where the feet show, or something more like a dress? If its a trench, I would look into just replacing the torso and skirt with a 2-piece set. For a whole-body dress, see #3. 2. Do you mean long hair? I was trying to do that for my character, but it doesn't seem to be working out. Should you find a way to make it work, let me know! 3. I would think this is just drawing the image smaller, towards the pivot point, or simply including it in the headbase. Now, if I understand correctly, you want a hood on your character. This would mean you want something like bangs located above your character's head (so it bounces). Adding another piece like that might be very difficult, and considering the ordering problems I mentioned in #2, it might be a lot more hassle than its worth. If you mean putting it so its over the shoulders and arms, like a long cloak... I would consider scrapping the idea of a human entirely and looking into how monster are coded / animated. Think of the pigs, how they're body is hunched and over their heads. Its abnormal, but its coded in a way where it works. I would imagine you would be doing the same thing for a cloak, rather than replacing the human pieces. Then you would have to add the custom animations, because you'd be essentially making an entirely new monster/player thing... Sorry for my ramblings. I don't mean to discourage you, its just a lot of these things are still in the dark for me too! I hope you'll still find a way to work on your character. Edit: There's a lot of non-human character mods in the workshop that you can take a look at too!
  7. Hello! I haven't updated this thread in a while because I had a serious problem with Spriter that really disheartened me from continuing (until school lessens up; finals are tough). What happened is that I got everything to work properly after I changed the Z index order. I even shifted his arms to appear in front and everything looked stellar in Spriter... Then when it got autocompiled, it seemed that all the work I put into organizing in Spriter was useless, as it didn't transfer in game! Arg! All the index orders re-shifted to the old code, and you could see this change in the ZIP file itself. I'm not sure if this means I have to edit the autocompiled ZIP file... I certainly hope now. What was strange is that the scml file remained with the edited code. I'm assuming the problem is something to do with how the autocompiler works... I still haven't found a workaround to this issue, and I really don't want to give up having a character with long hair, so I'll keep trying until I can make this work. You don't mention this though. Did changing the Zindex work for your character? As for the torso, you would just have to locate the hair above all other positions, essentially bumping it up in the Z index (which is super tedious). In theory, it should fix that issue in game. (If only it worked ingame...) Sorry I couldn't be more help. Let me know if you learn or try anything else with this issue!
  8. Hey there! Thanks, I finally made my way back here just in time for the Don't Starve Together update. It's awesome!
  9. Updated the main post, now to talk about the woes of coding... I've been messing around with the Z index because of the hair issue, but also because Lure doesn't have any sleeves. This made his upper arm appear ontop of his lower arm, which doesn't look right ingame. Now, normally I would just redo the parts so the upper arm could be where it is without changing anything, however to do it correctly so that when it bends in animation, I would have to change the Z index. First, the problem: The arms are placed wrong. Now to fix this, I went inside the scml file, found all the corresponding timeline id numbers associated with the arms. Then I made a quick text file organizing the numbers with the upper and lower arms: Now the only thing left was to go back to the Z index order and change the upper and lower arm numbers. And it worked! Looks like I'll need to change the file of the lower arm to fit snugly on the pivot point. I should also mention I tried completely deleting the tail during this time. I erased the parts from the scml and the exported folder, and the game loaded just fine. However, in game Lure was missing his hands? And his legs would disappear during certain animations or in the idle movements. Since I haven't dealt with any animation yet, I'm assuming this is associated with that. For the meantime, I wouldn't suggest deleting any part, but replacing it with the clear template provided in the base code (from Dleowolf). Onto more art assets! Next is finishing all the art and dealing with making the bangs, then learning about the animation process.
  10. I actually had the same layering problem, but with the hair and arms (since my character doesn't use sleeves). I found that fixing it is a real hassle, but it can be done.
  11. @rezecib, Hm... I'll keep that in mind for when I port this over to DST. I'd like to get everything working in DS and ROTG before changing the scripts for multiplayer. From what I gather though, it should be fairly simple? I tried a few things involving the clock and day and night cycle, specifically from the BeefaloBrain (since they huddle at night). But when I tried to pop this code within Lure's code, nothing happened. It didn't crash the game, but just didn't work. (This code: local function GetWanderDistFn(inst) if GetClock() and not GetClock():IsDay() then return WANDER_DIST_NIGHT else return WANDER_DIST_DAY endendreplacing the wander with the sanity gain / drain.) Then I looked back into WX's code to figure some things out. The first part of the code I found out is for the umbrella to protect you against the rain! This part: local mitigates_rain = false for k,v in pairs (inst.components.inventory.equipslots) do if v.components.dapperness then if v.components.dapperness.mitigates_rain then mitigates_rain = true end end endI didn't want this with Lure, so I cut this part out. Moving on, I looked into the code more, and where I got the GetSeasonManager():GetPrecipitationRate() part of the mod, and traced it back to Coraline Jones from the Mystery Kids mod. (Which is good too, because I want to collect my referenced material.) This section of their mod reminded me that the else function is what I'm looking for! local function doraincoat(inst, dt) if GetSeasonManager() and GetSeasonManager():IsRaining() then inst.components.sanity.dapperness = TUNING.DAPPERNESS_MED*1.5* GetSeasonManager():GetPrecipitationRate() else inst.components.sanity.dapperness = 0 end endPlus you adding that the sanity at night needs to return the same amount (or more, in this case). From here all I had to do was adjust the numbers, and ended up with this working code: Thanks for the help! I'm glad its working all fine now. (Also, sorry for kind of explaining things. I know you know how things work, but this is a backlog for me and hopefully help for anyone else reading this thread.)