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  1. I tried few matches of Forge... it... is... AWESOME O_O

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    2. Mr. Hastings

      Mr. Hastings

      Cooperation is soo important. I had players who constantly attacked mobs while they were sleeping or petrified O_O

    3. minespatch


      Cooperation and Timing. Our group successfully got to the Boarrior by timing of cooldown by staffs and book.

    4. Mr. Hastings

      Mr. Hastings

      i can't find the info how much HP he has..

  2. What Winona needs

    That's a good point. I just hope that engineering is her hobby O_O
  3. What Winona needs

    I appreciate what you think about my drawining style. In fact I'm a bad teacher. What I can point out is that I learned it by studying Klei arts and observing lineart, colors etc. But I reached current point by practising this knowledge a lot.
  4. What Winona needs

    not funny at all -.- Obviously it's not a blood but it's a part of the cape that was torn by the spider B)
  5. What Winona needs

  6. What Winona needs

    It's a regular spider
  7. My take on the the fact how fans are disliking Winona. I think that all she needs is just.. a clockwork MECH! I have implemented different clockworks parts in the design to make it as much in-game looking as possible. If you like the art please like and comment. That will help a lot
  8. latest?cb=20170923193412&path-prefix=pl

    Pumpkin guard is watching :)

    1. minespatch


      IS that a new mod? 58003789b65b3_Arielshoujoweebie.png.a68c0181ffdf7001704102c4f1e7a9d1.png

    2. Mr. Hastings

      Mr. Hastings

      It's update to my existing mod - Pumpkin guard :)

  9. The amount of info about new stuff is ... overwhelming!
  10. Here, you asked for these but I couldn't put it in the PM.

    deerclops backpack.jpg

    pink winter hat.jpg

    black winter hat.jpg

  11. Fishbrella