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  1. WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING OUT ON. This art just gets more and more freakin' amaZing.
  2. This is useful. I need this to be on the workshop~ :3
  3. HAPPY NATIONAL COSPLAY DAY. Im trying to get this spider picture to get on here. >:c FORUM, Y U NO WORK
  4. I made an art thread. I don't even know why. I'm actually kind of crappy at drawing, but hey, im not that experienced with MS paint anyway. :T So, have a Chester.
  5. amaZing (also my keyboards broken so its stuck on ALL CAPS and i have to hold shift.. it doesnt work for Z for some reason)
  6. i dunno how to do spoilers (im such a noob- *shot*). and also i taste so bitter that no one can stand my taste :3
  7. Ooh! Is that Skittles (Mr. Skits)? I dunno why but I just like him so much :3