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  1. Does this work with the "A Moderately Friendly Update" update (the test build, soon to be current build), or is this for older versions of the game?
  2. Just wondering, you're not the one who has uploaded this mod to the Steam workshop right? I mean, the RPG mod there literally copies and pastes your description, but at the end it says uploaded by Sardal. Read previous posts, I know now that you were not the one who uploaded the mod. In any case, When YOU get around to uploading the RPG mod, please don't solely post the 55 slot version. That's the only version on steam right now, and I'm not using it for 2 reasons. 1, I find it op (I'm already using the max stacks mod). 2, my screen is small, so when I use it the inventory takes up too much screen! haha