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  1. I've been running some tests with structure animation and everything has been fine until now. Suddenly every structure I compile becomes invisible.

    The reason? The compiler decided to stop making the usual [anim.bin] [build.bin] [atlas-0.tex] and is instead making [animation.xml] [build.xml] and dropping all the images inside with no atlas. I've tried reinstalling the mod tools and even doing it on another computer I own but the problem persists on both. This only happens with structures any other equipable items are compiled just fine.

    Does anyone know how to fix this issue or how to manually compile the files myself?




  2. Hello! It looks like you have a more art-orientated question, so I'll see if I can help.

    Your style of lines is consistent and clean, however the style of Don't Starve is sketchy and messy. It's kind of hard to get this look, but if you draw with quick, fast strokes you can get this style.


    For example, the current style you have is more like lineart, drawn with a steady hand or tool.

    The sketchy style is more erratic and scratchy. It's also extremely useful to have a tablet or something with pen pressure to achieve that signature look.

    Below is gif examples of what I consider lineart techniques and the scratchy style.



    Also, it would be useful to look at this thread by TheDanaAddams for more art related stuff.


    Lastly, it was mentioned that the artist of Don't Starve draw in Adobe Flash (an animation / coding program), however you can get this look in most other art programs. I typically draw in Paint Tool Sai (not free), but you can also draw in programs like Gimp (its free and here is their website).

    Under the spoiler is the pen settings I use for Sai.



    I was aslo using paint tool SAI and you're right, I've made every line using lineart. I think it's time to dust of my drawing tablet. Thanks for your advice :joyous:




    I've just finished a sketch. Now I have to figure out how to colour the hair. Done ;)


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