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  1. I find that the game settings allow us to make it harder or easier.If the settings don't change things the way that *I* want them to, I get a mod.If I can't find a mod to do what I want, I ask for it and/or I try making it myself.If that doesn't work, I either stop complaining or I play something else. Simply put: I hesitate to change a game for everyone to accommodate the way *I* choose to play.
  2. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Whenever ANY game is updated you may have to WAIT PATIENTLY for the mod developers to update their mods. This is definitely one worth waiting for, IMHO.
  3. Tiki Torch

    Fantastic, afro1967! Thank you very much for taking the time to do that, it is very much appreciated!
  4. Tiki Torch

    I am really loving this, thank you! I have a question: do you know if it's possible to make it an "always on" item? For example, rather than the torch going off when you walk a few steps away, it stays on. I thought it would be pretty to have my whole camp lit up at night, without having to set out fire pits all over and keep them filled all night.
  5. Pack In Inventory

    Ignore this post, wrong mod.