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  1. Mine keeps automatically disabling itself, even after I clicked "Enable," it would say "to be disabled." I know I installed it properly, and it does not conflict with any of my other mods. It apparently crashes as soon as I start the game.
  2. By the way, it's actually spelled "Tepee" not "Tipi."
  3. Hey I noticed a strange bug? When she killed a lureplant, she died instantly. My Health, Sanity, and Hunger was full, so I don't know exactly why it caused her to die.
  4. Hello! I installed "YoungBeefalo 1.02 -untested-.zip" and my game crashed as soon as I hit apply. I made sure I had no other mods enabled when I tried to enable this one. My game is also patched to the most recent update. Any feedback?
  5. Downloaded the amulet version and it works just like it's supposed to, but all the equip slots are black.