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  1. Nice Maxwell update. Thanks Klei! But still I have a questions 1) to new menu - why did u remove the morgue screen? It was pretty nice. Please bring it back with some changes mentioned in 2nd question. Thanks Edit: Oh sorry, my bad, some mod hide the morgue button which changed position. Now I can see it 2) You brought the normal world and cave world together - which is good. (Same day time, same death count) So I still dont understand why days are counted different. (I mean that u cannot see the number of a day in cave and when u die actually there, the number of days you survived are counted as a days u spent in cave - not the whole world - which is kinda dissapointing - if u die and lost everything, u would like to know how long was your whole journey, at least)
  2. Its just too cheap. Why? Who the hell is not able to find 2 flints and 2 twigs on a 1st day? When you are not able to find 2 flints, u probably not able to find even one. Well, then there is a torch for u letting u survive your first night without a flint. Not even a problem on a first play. If even this is a problem, then u will die and surely learn from it for the next game. Maybe we are playing different game each other as I notice from above how precious the flints are for all of you. They are EVERYWHERE all over the world on EVERY type of ground, in EVERY stone lump u mining. Usually me personaly about day 26 I have something about 40-60 flints, leaving them on the ground lying sticked on a way cause I need more space in my inventory. About day 70 I have 3-5 middle basement with chests and in 2-3 of them are flints stacked on 40 counts, left cause I have another in my inventory (I dont need to walk with more then 80 flints in my inventory.. Bah ^^) For me personaly is the worse problem find twigs on winter, because they wont renew and u need them for almost anything u build and Im building a lot. And this force me to use the normal super-cheap axe through whole game (even in days 200+) and started this topic, because I honestly think that the golden axe is currently NOT worth the price in the game and I can see it as shame.
  3. Finaly anyone got my math. But if these caves are here its making flints pretty more renovable then the gold nugets. (At least I didnt find yet another way besides mining and pig king - which is pretty wealthy income, but still not that great as a flint have). Still it depends a bit on your current resources situation if you are wanna saving 4 flints or 2 gold. According to my experience I would prefer to save gold. When it comes to pickaxe vs golden pickaxe the situation is much different. You are choosing to save 4twigs + 8flints or 2 gold. You would be idiot to waste your resources by the first choice. Hell there is nothing to think about! Spend the gold! Its worthy the price! The same is with golden shovel and pitchwork. So the golden luxury axe seems to be compare to others really wastign luxury. All this topic cound be said in 2 questions and answers: 1) Is 2 gold more for you then 4 twigs+8flits? I said no. Dont think about it. Its a good investition. 2) Is 2 gold more for you then 4 flints? I said Nah, never. Flints are almost like a trash all around the world. Im happy to save it for better invest and pay with flints. I can understand all of u here would answer different on second question but still it seems pretty weird compare to first math. This simple math brings me to suggestion to increase the price of standard axe or lover the golden one to be more compare to other tools investment. No less, no more. Dont even let players think about it like me!! Just build the superior worthy golden tool because why the hell not when its worthy?
  4. Ok 1) Sorry I had over 100 hours in Dont Starve and maybe I just a lucky noob, cause I had NEVER ever problem to diving in flints in many different worlds. Not that much gold compare to flints. So nope, I dont realize this reality. When u mining gold - u got much more flints on the way. When u walking - u got flints. When u dive in cave - u got flints. 2) Truth. I really need only a few tools to survive and have fun. And on some point I create only gold tools when I need - except spear (which is also not that great on late game and pretty compensative) and the axe (thats why I create this topic, cause u need choping through whole game and it seems pretty stupid when u have all golden tools, mighty weapons and still using normal cheap axe which is first item u ever created in the game and there is no superior item to it = understand the price worthy) 3) Yeah I realised that and I dont want to go it this way. I expected some mathematic argument for golden axe. Now I can see I wont find it here. You can lock this tread. Solved for me The first part is true, but I can understand different players has different style, different generated world and preferences. I wanted a constructive discusion, not an argument. Btw. I never said I think twigs are more valuable that gold. I just compared twigs prices as a same on both items (the only item from golden tools that has this situation). Then we are discuting only about flints and gold. Thank you all for your comments to my topic even if it looked stupid for you. I think we can end it. I dont feel that new reasons for or against these 2 items will be said.
  5. Yeah I was expected that kind of "argument" like "store twigs before winter noob" and then suddenly somehow happened that the flint will be more valuable then gold. Epic argument! Me personaly did about 40-60 twigs before winter comes, (yeah Im very twig addicted) but still its a different story. The core of this topic is the question about this tool "How could be 4 flints more valuable then 2 gold nugets that u would like to saved them?" I still cant see the way. Even if u find the pig king, flints will be still easier to get (even enought to feed slurtles) then gold nugets. And I still can see it more effective and cheaper to build standard axe (To prevent that reply: I could have 40 gold nugets in my inventory and I WONT build luxury axe. Rather used them for settle more basements, and gold pickaxe. Its simply mathematic. And its not about to "not being able to get the right resources". Its about strategy when u will waste your more valueable things, that slow your progress down and u will spent more time to collecting them back.) So still noone could give me reasonable arguments for build gold axe. Only good reason for my is build it once, when I have plenty of gold nugets to get away the annoying bulb that notify me i CAN build it when i DONT WANT to. I like to keep my build menu clear and nicy. So I build it once, used it. Then never build it. Peace to fellow scientists
  6. Yeah I can see the point that its at same twigs price compare to durability at all. But in some location in winter you could running out of twigs (which u need to keep refreshing traps for meat to dont starve) Imagine u have last 5 twigs, all in closest miles around are already harvest. What would u do? Build one shiny gold axe? No. Or it would be the last thing u do. I prefer to build 2 traps for rabit which are going to broke soon and build one standard axe. And in addition I save the gold for more valuable gold pickaxe and other basement tools. Btw. I dont even need to harvest flints from earthquakes in caves - its everywhere on the ground. And if I am full of slots, many times I left gold nugets on basement couse I dont need them so much as flits because as J20hawkz said - u need it for spear - and its really important - sometimes on a run you can broke 2-4 during one day. Pitty there is no gold spear. (And have flint for spear and other tools are more important for me then have gold for golden axe - I can do 4 flint axes, I dont care about that craft time) But I like the golden pickaxe, its good deal I was just wondering if its a bug, mistake or purpose that the golden axe has really no value besides saving you flints (that are like trash everywhere on the world) and save u 3 sec craft time ^^ Not a deal for me.
  7. Luxury axe - whats the point of this tool? (beside STYLE) I cant see the point to build it...really! I mean all golden tools (axe, pickaxe, shovel) have about 4 times stronger durability and costs only 2 times more twigs - except axe which is 4 times more expensive in twigs. I mean its the only reason to build these in winter if you are saving your twigs more then gold. Then spend gold for pickaxe or shovel is worthy. Not that with axe. I would rather save gold cause flints dont need saving, they are almost everywhere and fullfilling my pocket every game. I think there should be more motivation and tactic for players to build the golden axe then "hey u have shiny axe and now u can be filled even more with flints!" This makes it pretty useless unbalanced item in the game while the situation you have gold and no flints its pretty ultra rare. Pitty. Its shiny! I suggest to lower the twigs cost of luxury axe or increase the twigs cost of normal axe. Current situation dont make sense.