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  1. Thanks! I was wondering since we are up in the sky, we should have: BIRDS! Chirp chirp! Remember the birds in the overworld swooping down from the skies and flying back up? They should be here but behaving differently from how they just cowardly avoid the player back on land ,(e.g. use the bee's sprite as base) since this where they are be more comfortable. and since we are on it, why not: Bird Nests! We could probably use this image since they abandoned it in game and will never use it ever again. Bird nests could first be treated like an egg version of bee boxes back on land (Harvest it for eggs and a flock of aggressive birds will spawn and come after you), while serving as another purpose. Imagine these as angry red birds dying to peck your eyes out. With the perma-winter feature in the clouds, nests could serve as reheating hotspots(no pun intended) to help alleviate the freezing problem. Just place your heat stones near the nest for the birds to "incubate" and reheat it. However, heat stones look like eggs to them, and Momma-Bird hates egg thieves! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRKKKK! We could use an avian boss.
  2. Hi people!! I have been reading this thread since the first post. Keep up the good work!! Mind if I throw out an Idea?
  3. Let me know if you need anything in-game to be buildable!
  4. Version 0.7!


    Lots of items buildable for your convenience. --REFINE -Transmute 10 cut grass to 10 rocks. -Transmute 4 cut grass into 1 beefalo wool. -Refine 2 rocks into 1 rocky turf. -Refine 4 Guano into 1 guano turf. -Refines 10 twigs into 5 boards. --WEAPONS Blowdart- 1 hound's tooth and 1 cut reed. --FOOD -Grow a Cave banana tree from 5 seeds -Grow a mandrake from a durian --DRESS -Miner Hat buildable from Straw Hat and a Lightbulb. --STRUCTURES -Buildable Pig King! -Buildable Pig Torch. -Buildable Rundowned House. -Buildable Slurtle Mound. -Buildable Boulder. --SPAWN -Spawnable Bishop. -Spawnable Rock Lobster. -Spawnable Beefalo. -Spawnable Hound. -Spawnable Tentacle Pillar.