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  1. Show us your camp!

    I was expecting to see a honey ham on every crock pot!
  2. I also noticed one other problem with the latest patch. When eating several berries at a time it would often stop responding after a few. I would have to move the character a little before I could eat more. Clicking in other places didn't fix it, I had to move.
  3. So I decided to see if it was a fluke. Nope. Caught nothing but red birds again. Then I realized all I see around me are red birds. About two days later I saw two black birds, but the vast majority of them are red now. Not that it matters to me since I only use birds for cages but I'm sure it affects those who make darts.
  4. I was just pointing out that I didn't see the walrus problem in a new world generated AFTER the hotfix, just in case that's relevent for Klei.
  5. FWIW, I had three nearby walrus camps on the new world I played last night. I only had one party per camp as expected.
  6. I started a brand new world last night after applying the latest patch. Here's my observations... Being able to have the fridge and cook pot open at the same time is back. YAY! The game got very jittery as it went on. After about 15 days it was so bad I had to stop. I closed the program and restarted. It was better. Later it might have started getting slower again but it wasn't so bad so I wasn't sure. This might be coincidence, but I put out a bird trap and used it all up. Every bird I caught was red. That's never happened before. Usually I get more blacks than anything else. I didn't try a second trap to see if it would continue. The issue I reported earlier about items unequipping to the wrong slots may be fixed. At least I didn't notice it happening last night.
  7. well that was lucky!

    Yesterday I played a game with an amazing start. Day 1. Wormhole two screens away from origin. Hop in. Dense forest. Decide to take out a few spiders while I'm there. Two screens away MacTusk camp. Two screens from there Chess Biome. Even though I have no armor I decide to see if I can get some early gears. Rhino doesn't get the job done but does get killed by spiders. Two gears in hand on day 1. One for Summer camp and one for Winter camp (near MacT). Day 2. Through the wormhole back to origin. Follow brick road. It goes on FOREVER! Spot a tentacle trap, that could be fun. Found a fire trap which nets me some wool. Road finally ends in a small pig village. Day 3. Back down the road in the other direction. Found boons with cut stone, another with ropes, and a third with the Beefalo hat some wool and a couple teeth. All very nice finds this early in the game. Then the holy grail of early game boons... the walking cane! Road ends at another pig village with a king. What a great start! Unfortunately the distance between the two pig villages is HUGE. The Beefalo are right in the middle between them as is the wormhole to MacTusk. I decided to set up near the wormhole as I love being able to move quickly between the two camps. After getting so lucky with discoveries so early it's a shame the layout is such a pain to move around in.
  8. After playing some yesterday I can say this is a MAJOR pain in the butt. Please consider reverting this behavior. I place my pots and fridge right next to each other so I can easily swap food between them, which of course happens all the time in this game. Now that I can't have both open at the same time it's a lot more tedious.
  9. There's something wrong with the way items are unequiped after the latest patch. All's Well the Maxwell finally got it all right where items would return to their previous slots even in the backpack. Now that's broken again but I can't quite nail down the actual behavior to report it. If you equip an item and then unequip it it will return to the same slot. I you equip one item and then equip a second, the first item may go to its previous slot, or it may take the slot of the second item, or it may take the first open slot in the backpack even if inventory slots are open. I've seen all three occur. I was playing yesterday and frequently items were not going where I expected them to but I couldn't quite put my finger on what exactly was happening. More testing is in order I guess.
  10. Show us your camp!

    Pah! You young punks with your palatial base camps. All mine end up looking the same. Built for efficiency. A couple notes from experience: The two crockpots with the fridge between them is very efficient. The crockpots can't be placed that closely to another object but the fridge can. So the trick is to place both pots first as close together as they can go and then the fridge fits right between them. The birdcage is much easier to use from above it's position so I always place it low in the camp. Conversely, when placed low the lightning rod gets in the way when trying to manage things behind it I so always place it above the camp so it's out of the way, or place it far enough away that it doesn't interfere. All the chests, the science machine, the crockpots, and the birdcage are all within the fire's light radius so I can manage everything at night. Often a few of the drying racks are within reach too but not really by design.
  11. Just used the latest patch for the first time. Can't say I'm happy with the bigger/thicker fonts in the inventory slots. Seems to obscure the pictures too much for my liking.
  12. Show us your camp!

    That's a good strategy, but one I never use. For me having unexplored areas of the map helps hold my interest. Once the map is fully explored I feel like the game's over unless I'm still having trouble surviving. And since the chess biome is rarely near the spawn point that means I often don't find it until the second Summer or later. I usually find graves in the first Summer and dig them up hoping for gears.
  13. Why do people hate caves?

    That's just too rich. And how would you feel about the caves and the worms if you weren't able to CHEAT to test out all your strategies. Would you still be testing ways to kill six worms if you had to spend hours getting yourself into that position each time only to be killed and then having to start over? Would you do it if you couldn't set up well lit field to build your test walls on and had to instead meet them in their true environment each time? My point is, you're having to use extensive cheats to figure out how to handle the stock scenario. Without them it would be nigh impossible to do what you've been doing. That's not how a game should work.
  14. Meat Gathering tips?

    First of all, are you using crock pots? They make the food you eat more filling so you ultimately need less of it. There are a few basic recipes you should learn but meatballs are the easiest and are more filling that most. Set up camp near rabbit holes and set a trap on each hole. You can go off and do other things all day and when you come back you'll have a rabbit in each trap. This is by far the easiest meat source early in the game and it produces year-round. You can store live rabbits in chests and they'll never spoil so it's an easy way to stock up for Winter when there's less veggies. Likewise you can lay out some bird traps though they're a little less consistent than rabbit traps. If you really want life to be easy, hunt Koalefants. They drop 8 full meats and the trunk is useful for making Winter clothes. It can also be cooked and eaten once you have enough clothes. Hunt spiders. Draw them out one or two at a time and take them out. Draw them far enough out that the remaining spiders in the den won't notice and attack you. Leave the den unless it's a tier three and then take it out too. A tier one den will have five spiders so you'll probably get two or three monster meats from a single harvest. Monster meat can be safely used in crock pot recipes one at a time. Use more than one and you get Monster Lasagne which will hurt you.
  15. DLC Pack Ideas

    I didn't know that! How do you know the stone drains heat when it's cold? Perhpaps more to the point, how could anyone possibly discover that through normal gameplay?