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  1. assorted draws from the last little bit
  2. oh! that one must've broken, i couldnt see the problem since it was showing up fine on my end. it should be fixed now.
  3. which last one? a little lost, sorry, but that might be on me. and yes! that is the snatcher from a hat in time since i've been falling back into that fandom recently ^^
  4. so maybe i forgot about this thread but. online classes ftw i guess because i just remembered it
  5. leaving this stuff here since its been a bit ; )
  6. not persay! i do suppose it bears some similarities but when drawing it i didnt intend for it to be one haha i think it might be a lil shinier actually since ive been trying to... try new things with my shading i guess is the best way to put it
  7. alright Finally heres some stuff
  8. yeah i changed it in the interest of consolidating things since i don't really.. go by my old username anywhere anymore aha and thats what i was going for! im glad it managed to come across in my art.
  9. WOO i haven't had any time for anything really but term break is coming up so. maybe expect more soon? ive only got this one experiment kinda.. thing this time
  10. dropping some stuff from semi-recently here in the interest of keeping this alive for.. when i can draw more again i guess lol can't embed this one but. this was from a couple months ago when i was trying to figure out how paint 3d worked. so.
  11. this was a personal project! i was just playing around with character designs that i might use for various things as a jumping off point. i can definitely see the flight rising vibes it gives off though haha
  12. woo haven't had much time to draw! but the motivation to is coming back so thats good
  13. postin some older stuff i still kinda like while i work on some new stuff
  14. ah just a set of character drawings! mostly supplementary to writing that i've been.. trying to do but it's a lot harder for me to get the motivation to write things that aren't for an assignment nowadays haha
  15. tysm!! throwing this one here too. supposed to be part of a set but i just haven't got around to doing the other one yet so shhhhh