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  1. I'm curious as to why the sound effects keep going out of sync in Hamlet. Are you guys writing a whole new engine for Hamlet? I thought as a DLC its using the same engine as Don't Starve..?

    As a long time gamer, programmer, and game programmer, I can usually tell what's causing a bug, but the logic behind this bug is escaping me and hurting my brain in doing so. I can think of several things that can cause the sound to be out of sinc, many things, but I don't understand how it can happen in an engine that's already been working find for years. This is not a criticism/complaint (bugs happen), this is a plea for help; help my brain stop hurting please, if you can.

    1. bizziboi


      It uses the same engine (well, stuff was added for Hamlet, and part of the soundsystem did need modifications, so even the same engine is never the same engine) but all sound effects are driven from script rewrite) so if the person who hooked it up made a mistake that would be an issue, there is also potentially some oddness going on with the sound in general, may be related to the amount of sounds being handled, it's on the todo-list for sure, but the the todo list is fairly crowded at the moment.

    2. Sasuga


      Ah, the idea that you guys played with the sound system hadn't crossed my mind. I feel so foolish now. Thank you for the response.


      As for a massive todo list, I can see that. I'm loving Hamlet, but the bugs are frustrating. Still, I can't complain and am not, it is in beta. I'm very excited about you guys 'completing it,' but never-ever want a rushed job. I always feel its better to do right right. Too many games have been rushed out the door and end up short of the glorious things they could have been.

      Thanks again for your reply.



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