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  1. Not Leveling..?!

    Explore the whole map, eventually you'll find a door-like object called Maxwell's Portal, that takes you to adventure mode.
  2. Never understood the gobbler hate. They're only mildly annoying, and even set to "more" I don't see them very often. They're also free food if you drop a berry on the ground, since they'll choose to slowly walk towards it while being hacked to death by an axe instead of running away.
  3. It's actually significantly harder, even if only because of the massive amounts of tallbirds (even on "more" they are freaking everywhere, I would hate to see them on "lots", and they notice you from a mile away while you're doing anything so they becoming really annoying). The early hound attacks are also quite brutal, and send up to 6 at a time. At night the spiders can really swarm you. If rain causes things to grow better it doesn't affect me because I never "farm", I find it boring. So weather is just a downside. I haven't survived past the first winter on these settings but I always did on default.
  4. Can't play on default anymore. Too easy. I put all mobs (except for bunnies), weather and lightning to "more" and all resources to "less", remove touchstones and fiddle with the land settings even though I'm not sure what it does. Creates an interesting situation where there's a lot more to fight, but consequentially more food, like I can get stacks of meat rotting in the first days. There is an issue of not enough sticks and grass, though... even just to replace spears it gets annoying.
  5. Michael the Fox (it's a mod) cause 50 max sanity makes the game... very interesting. And increased move speed lets him get away with wearing a piggyback.
  6. Personally I just skip all the posts that are 5 pages long. Saying too much is unnecessary when you're saying so little.
  7. I disagree. The game is extremely simple once you get over the learning cliff. There's only a few basic concepts that need to be understood to survive. The vast majority of players shouldn't have any trouble once they understand how everything works and have a little bit of experience under their belt. This aint no Super Meat Boy.
  8. I don't know what you mean by un optional because everything in this game is optional. Simply put, the game should be hard because it was advertised as such. "Uncompromising wilderness survival" does not mean "living like a king in easy mode with everything you'll ever need in arms reach for years or until you die of boredom". Why shouldn't the game become progressively harder? The point of the game is that the game is trying to kill you, and it's perfectly fine if it's "too hard" for some players because they will get better and live longer the more they play and that is the reward for persisting. Sadly, once you're past the "ignorant newbie" stage the game no longer does a good job of killing you. Almost every death for me past the first 4-5 hours of gameplay were due to me being stupid/reckless in situations where I knew better but didn't care because I don't mind dying if I'm having fun by taking risks. I just want the game to be challenging in the default (ie: balanced) state so I don't need to break the game or disable game features to actually have a risk of dying before day 20. Or so that I can't live forever in easy mode once I get a tiny base set up with a few key structures / farms. Right now what is there to even worry about after the first winter? Remembering to walk away from your base when hounds attack?
  9. What does this mean? Ponds in a specific biome?
  10. While I would like the default game to be harder, I doubt it's really feasable to do so. Bases are the biggest factor in what is making the game too easy, IMO, but the game seems to deliberately encourage the player to use them.
  11. Attack Controls

    Well I don't think that my "opinion" of two separate commands being more complicated than one is just my opinion, but whatever. The issue I have with the new control scheme is that to attack some things you need to move extremely close and you have like a 2 frame window to attack before it runs out of range (like butterflies or rabbits), which means you need to be using the directional keys and attack key almost simultanously. Space was fine for that, but now I would need to remap attack to space to get the same functionality. Since action is used far, far more often than attack I would rather keep that bound to space because it's a lot more convenient to have that easily accessed. I also don't remember having issues using space before to pick up poops in herds of beefalo, because I'm pretty sure space didn't automatically attack neutrals...
  12. Attack Controls

    Having spacebar do everything was a lot simpler. It was only occasionally annoying when you wanted to pick up items instead of fight, and there was an enemy right next to you. Spacebar was also a natural fit for the action button because it plays so well with WASD controls. Any other button is just annoying. F, Z, it doesn't matter. Spacebar is quite simply the best button to use for everything because it's the most natural thing for your thumb to press while using WASD. It's not hard to get used to the new way, and F is a decent button to use for a secondary action button (probably the 2nd best option over space) but it's not "better", it's actually just more complicated and less functional (what if I want to attack while moving to the right, do I grow an extra finger or put my hand on a awkward position on the keyboard?) Besides, you could have used the mouse before to pick up items with enemies nearby if you wanted to so what have we gained with the new system?
  13. Attack Controls

    Another awkward behavior I'm noticing is that when holding mouse to move, it also "picks up" attack commands and then the mouse seems to convert into an "attack move" or something. To give an example: I'm trying to kill a butterfly and the easiest way to do that (for me) is to hold the mouse to move and follow the butterfly, then use the force attack key to force an attack (since it's a neutral) at the correct position (which has to be VERY close) but then, if I miss it, I can no longer get into a position to kill the butterfly because from then on the character will take a swing (and miss) immediately when it thinks it's in range. The only way to resume mouse moving ie: not attack-moving is by releasing the mouse and then clicking again.
  14. Died on day 35 with WX just now... because "I forgot" about rain damage (I was low and didn't even think to heal because I was in a lightning storm and I figured I'd get an overcharge heal eventually).
  15. Attack Controls

    That sounds like it will be okay, but I'm curious as to what will happen if attack and action are bound to the same key afterward. Will it work like before, or will it bug out like it does currently?
  16. One issue I've had with every single character is the extreme difficulty in making Papyrus due to the rarity of marsh areas, and therefore lack of reeds. Another issue I've had, but most notably with WX-78, is the apparent lack of gears and enemies that drop them. I've only actually found gears 3 times in about 40 playthroughs (maybe more, but who's counting?) Once near the "wooden thing" which had some clockwork enemies, another near some statues (didn't actually get the gears but there were clockwork enemies) and another random one in a grave. Is there any reliable method for finding these things on a semi-regular basis?
  17. Beefalo don't seem to do anything in my game if monsters are nearby. They will just stand there looking dumb if I'm running circles around them with a hound or spiders chasing. That is, until they go into heat and kill everything.
  18. That's a really useful tip actually. I never thought to try it because it felt like worlds were massively huge and it would never fully wrap around. Too much Minecraft/Cube World for me I guess.
  19. I only play on defaults settings. That's not likely to change either. Is it worth it to explore intensely early game just to find a marsh and other things? I usually set up camp at the first bunny field I find and I explore just enough to find a quarry and several spider nests.