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  1. Explore the whole map, eventually you'll find a door-like object called Maxwell's Portal, that takes you to adventure mode.
  2. Never understood the gobbler hate. They're only mildly annoying, and even set to "more" I don't see them very often. They're also free food if you drop a berry on the ground, since they'll choose to slowly walk towards it while being hacked to death by an axe instead of running away.
  3. It's actually significantly harder, even if only because of the massive amounts of tallbirds (even on "more" they are freaking everywhere, I would hate to see them on "lots", and they notice you from a mile away while you're doing anything so they becoming really annoying). The early hound attacks are also quite brutal, and send up to 6 at a time. At night the spiders can really swarm you. If rain causes things to grow better it doesn't affect me because I never "farm", I find it boring. So weather is just a downside. I haven't survived past the first winter on these settings but I always did on default.
  4. Can't play on default anymore. Too easy. I put all mobs (except for bunnies), weather and lightning to "more" and all resources to "less", remove touchstones and fiddle with the land settings even though I'm not sure what it does. Creates an interesting situation where there's a lot more to fight, but consequentially more food, like I can get stacks of meat rotting in the first days. There is an issue of not enough sticks and grass, though... even just to replace spears it gets annoying.
  5. Michael the Fox (it's a mod) cause 50 max sanity makes the game... very interesting. And increased move speed lets him get away with wearing a piggyback.