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  1. To make it say it's no longer out of date you just change the version number in the modinfo
  2. Yes they drop yellow gems at a rate of 0.10
  3. see if the new update helps, if not it's the season manager part of the code and I'll have to tweek it
  4. I was hoping this would make the robin change in the winter to a snowbird. Just popping out feathers seems pointless since birds are easy to just kill and take feathers, plus feathers only have one or two uses anyway
  5. You cant get hounds teeth without hounds. The pack doesn't stop hounds from generating and has no effect on them at all, it is just a backpack with a face. There is no need to insanity aura for regular packs thus I see no point for one on mine. I wish I could delete some of the comments on here since they keep talking about a suggested pack that has nothing to do with mine... which has no powers and is actually very hard to make. The fact that you are using some othe mod to make hounds teeth or using some code does not make a pack with no skills OP it makes you a person unaware of the mods they have enabled. If you turn off Hounds you have to kill ice hounds which if you're playing the game without mods, is not easy at all.
  6. Sweet! This will really help headgear enthusiasts to make their own hats.
  7. Oh! The main in the joint one isn't formatted right.. I'll get it fixed
  8. That's a lot of code and I'm not very good at coding things especially involving the nightmare creatures or controling the lighting. I like the ideas but I don't have time to do what I already have to finish
  9. download 1.1 to avoid that, sorry, had auto span left in code
  10. Version 1.4


    This has not just Lightening hounds but hound cub's,a reskin for Chester into a hound/dog and a new hound mound that will spawn any hound at any time including lightening and cubs, also there is a Hound Hood to help protect you from them and their ilk. Lightening hounds - Hound Cub - Hound Hood - The other part of the set has a separate page until I decide to combine it. Hound Pack is available here http://forums.kleientertainment.com/index.php?/files/file/326-hound-pack/ Evil Hound Mound - **NEW** Now Spawns all hounds possible given certain condition. Fire and ice hounds protect it and hound cubs come out in the summer only, but if you have the hound hood, you can wander with them regardless of season but they will grow up. Be careful when it rains. Pet Hound Spot - Coming next Please report any bugs you may find I'm all about fixing with my growing understanding of Lua code
  11. Norman is my favorite, Iove Agatha's lightening too very fitting
  12. I could help you with that but unfortunately I can't make the pack reduce the spoilage, I don't know enough about the fridge coding which is what you'd need to add to the lua.
  13. I think 20 hounds teeth was my original thought. I was going to make the pack smaller rather then more difficult but I think changing the recipe would be easier. By the way, the fact that the meat rots is part of the difficulty, and you do have to get the drying rack to dry all 20 monster meats.
  14. Version 2.0


    Creates recipe for a Hound backpack - inspired by Wolfe the original character. Wolfe was created by Amziezelt. credit to caves bag creator -tehMugwump for code guidelines Recipe' 10x houndstooth 20x twigs 20x monstermeat dried **New** For more of a challenge, try the new hound bag that only has 8 slots. Same requirements but could change if suggested Will add compatible code to hounded lua change made to Wolfe so that pack also makes hounds not attack other characters wearing
  15. Needs a way to turn it back off.