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  1. After noticing that you've asked this of almost every person that has this issue as the first step i've included a profile.json after running TheSim:Profile(1) on the menu during the lag (It never stops lagging so that wasn't hard) profile.json
  2. Before when playing this game i would average 60 fps and it would rarely if ever drop below that. Today on first launch when getting the game again to try to pick it up and play i'm now sitting around 10-20 fps in menu and ingame dropping as low as 5 fps for seemingly no reason. I've tried to adjust the few graphical settings available in the options and none help remedy the situation whatsoever. I've already removed all the mods from my game, re-installed the game (removing through steam, then manually deleteing any leftover files), then reinstalling and nothing. GPU drivers are up to date and my specs are good enough to run GTA5 nearly maxed with 60 fps steady. I'm seeing a lot of this as an ongoing issue. Hopefully you can shed some light on the situation as i'd love to play your game, but in it's current state that's literally impossible. Two of the three files requested are attached, i don't have any files with a MDMP extension DxDiag.txt