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  1. Perhaps I should have been more clear. I did not intend each word to be associated to different things, just that as you got further in each list the effects would become more powerful. To be more clear I will use the Ice prefixes as an example. Frosted - Would have a low chance to freeze enemies with any weapon. Chilled - Would have a medium chance to freeze enemies with any weapon. Icy - Would have a high chance to freeze enemies with any weapon. Frigid - Would always freeze enemies with any weapon. Freezing - Would always freeze enemies and would freeze them for a little longer than usual with any weapon. Frozen - Would always freeze enemies and would freeze them for a while with any weapon. Glaciated - Would always freeze enemies and would freeze them for a long time with any weapon. Polar - Would always freeze enemies and would freeze them for a very long time with any weapon. Entombing - Would permanently freeze enemies with any weapon. (Obviously much lower chance to roll each as you go up to entombing.) That list came from a note.. I guess I had... to implement something similar to the enchanting table from minecraft for the don't starve world. Was actually going to be a blood magic table. A "Frost axe of Flame" would be a bad roll, and that'll happen if you add effects like this to the game. A Frost Ice staff is just as bad of a roll. Don't starve isn't supposed to be easy! But to explain, I will assume that the frost prefix would freeze an enemy and the flame suffix will light them on fire for an easy example. If both efffects were to trigger simultaneously then they wuold freeze and catch on fire thus defrosting them. So bad roll, but effects still possible.
  2. Are the affixes only going to be prefixes? To me "Telelocating" sounds funny as a prefix and would be much better suited as a suffix. Perhaps if your lucky enough you could get a prefix and suffix? Such as a Vampiric Axe of Telelocating. Oh, and here are some suggestions on RPG flavor gear modifications listed in the order that I believe the word has a more powerful connotation: Prefixes: Armor/hats: Suffixes: Universal: Some similar were suggested I believe, but I figured I'd throw 'em in anyway.
  3. These look much much better. Especially the upper right one! Love it, looks GREAT.
  4. Don't like your own comments, that is cheating.
  5. I read this several times and never understood a word other than the last four.
  6. Ahh, I misunderstood. On topic however, this is looking beautiful. A long way to go, but I'd say you guys have acomplished a lot considering you are the pioneers of this stuff for DS. Love where this is going.
  7. The character I'm creating is named Winnie... her name is a joke on winnie the poo as she has a teddy... Unfortunate... EDIT: that makes 3 winnies?
  8. Bottom of where the stalk was with no beanstalk? Permadeath doesn't sound enjoyable to me, but I do think there should be penalty. Not that I have clout or anything. Just my two cents.
  9. May I suggest that, if this is possible, the shopkeeper and his shop have a spawning system similar to lureplants? This would allow him to spawn freely in already explored worlds in addition to adding to the "traveling tradesman" feel I believe you said you were going for.