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  1. sry i got the glitch wrong its actually activated by quickly switching from item to lantern to item with the right click equip
  2. forgot to mention that chester doesnt close when u walk away from him like hes supposed to
  3. btw the bug stays on even if nothing is equipped its the flame from the lantern that hovers in place
  4. found a bug. when u equip an item by dragging onto an equiped lantern it can give you a free light equivelent to a torch not sure if it persists through logging though. also if i could make a suggestion. perhaps instead of links items being invincible maybe you could implement them with durability and when they are on 0 they dont dissapear but instead do no damage and use items like flint to sharpen them back up the same way using fuels on the lantern will refresh its light. thinking its a bit too easy. great mod though