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  1. All that hard work for nothing. Oh well, at least I finally did something a little productive!
  2. So I decided to look more into the new stuff added yesterday (7/30/2015) and I found a couple of things involving giving the new trinkets to the parrot. Here are the notes I took. Giving the bird one of the following items will grant you certain items and a quote. Sextant- 2 red gem/1 red feather- "armor was not made by man"Toy Boat- 2 blue gem/1 red feather- "potential no more. What once was"Sea Worther- 1 purple gem/ 1 red feather- "a stone smaller than a pebble"Old Boot- 5 red feather- "to every new person you meet"Soaked Candle- 7 gold/1 red feather- "Two old ones made the new Notes:-The bird seems to come back after some time, most likely a day.-Certain trinkets give certain loot and certain quote of some sort.-Random quotes are parts of a single message, possibly a hint.-Snagging "flotsams" can give one of the following randomly (normal resources seem to be more common than the trinkets while the old boot and sextant seem to be more common than the other 3 trinkets): -cut grass -twigs -logs -boards -rope -old boot (trinket) -sextant (trinket) -toy boat (trinket) -soggy candle (trinket) -sea worther (trinket) I dont know what the quotes mean or in what order they go in. Maybe someone can find out? Edit: Giving the bird normal trinkets will give you the same amount of gold as the pig king would but will give an additional 1 red feather.
  3. Although it does seem like a multiplayer game. I thought about it and i think i'm gonna love this!!!
  4. This better be good. I'm sorry that it may not sound nice,but i never really thought that such a game should be multiplayer it doesn't fit with the whole loneliness theme it was meant to be. Plus the announcement of that whole "the way" thing just being a ad for multiplayer was a really big let down for me. I was expecting something A LOT more crazy or interesting.