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  1. Lol is that a new character you have tried out or you have an old one? keep going,I started a new one today,I love wendy so much but she is so weak at killing birds :'(
  2. I don't see what the point of doing same thing that is already in test tools,really. It's just a "copy and paste" .
  3. Thanks.As vampire powers,you can make a life-stealing skill that cost 5-10 sanity per use to replace the weapon or you can make both. That's a lot of works I know,but try your best and it's not really in the hurry.You are doing a great job anyway. I'm already at second world with her so it's cool I have more update with her.I will test the sword now.Ty a lot <3!
  4. Hum,It's me or every people have the same items. You must re-organize items for each character. In my opinion,I will do that: Wilson:Razor Willow:Fire Staff Wolfgang:Top hat Wendy:backpack wx78:5 Gears wickerbottom:cane wes:Boomerang waxwell:5 Nightmare Fuel Woodie:backpack
  5. Thank you very much.It's well detailled.but you don't think it's a way too easy if people use test tools? they have to discover the place by themselves. Anyway thank you very much.I was looking for wes when I finished the first chapter like 4 timems.Last time I was close to get him I died because of a group of hounds.Good job.
  6. please can you tell me how to install this mod? I got an error when I want to select a char
  7. Good Job,finally I see something useless to do with my Nitre Anyway I have a question.Where can I find Lithtbulb please?
  8. Can you nerf him a little please? He is very overpowered.
  9. What about the cold resistance ? Seras will not have to be affraid of dying or I still need to set up camp fire ?what about the powers?Can you add blood skill like healing each time she kill a monster for sanity? and enlarge night vision,it's too small.
  10. Sublime

    Wall Gates

    Good idea,how it work? I have to download both files or just one?
  11. Thanks a lot again,I tried it and it's awsome. I will wait for the future changes.I follow this file.I love vampires so much and you made me so happy when I saw this mod.
  12. Thanks a lot for your answer,now I really appreciate her.I play her right now,I trap rabbits with a carot.That's funny,with only one carot I got like 6. What do you recomand as customized world for play with her? Medium,big? A lot of rabbits and carots? or just all default? I'm new using customized world and I saw how it was when I play with a lot it's the apocalypse and monsters wars XD
  13. This is hard to play normal with only meat lol I dont see the interest of having berries and carots now lol