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  1. Nice presentation,but no mod,why?
  2. Nice mod,can you do the same things with repairing weapons with Flint please? It will be nice
  3. thanks for the update I hope it will work ! good job
  4. How to get the tech magic lvl 3? what is the name? thx
  5. Nice but I knew that thing already before you posted the video. and I know more things,not only with rabbits
  6. Merci beaucoup,cela va plaire a mon ami.
  7. thank you,I just saw it has to be empty,that just was a small bug from the game,anyway,thanks . I love that mod.Finally,I can fish in winter :'( .
  8. Thanks a lot,that's really helpful,anyway I love the way you made her.I'm just not lucky with hunting rabbits right now.They are dead XD
  9. wow awsome ! Couldn't imagine that I can say that ! Really nice . A mod that add new monsters on the game . Just nice One question,can I capture them ?
  10. Ty for the precision,I like it ,I tried the mod and i can say good job
  11. I trapped 185 rabbits with her right now haha,I don't think she will be starved anymore haha. Transformation at full moon:Epic
  12. I have some problem with monster meat,It's normal that she lose -10 sanity? I mean can you resolve that? it's a vampire she is dead so she don't need to lose that must,can you fix that please ! And wow She is really a monster at full moon.She lose a lot of sanity,can you solve that too:Like a transformation with a hotkey that people can use when they want when it's full moon,because it's a forced transformation and it make me crying all the time.Ty anyway.your mod is awsome
  13. Thanks. @Erivega: Yeah the classified form must be activated with the full moon,she will become a monster
  14. The download doesn't work,modmain.lua is empty
  15. I don't understand why people keep doing that: free items when they create a mod . That's just a decoration or items for use? Anyway for the mod I give you a 6/10 lol . Do I need a machine for build that hut?
  16. He did it already ..see under the name,it's hunger and nightmares. Great work Red. I download the new version.What is the classified form? It's a monster? Where can I download the new version?
  17. Good job,finally someone did it !It's awsome !