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  1. Whitney

  2. Seras Victoria, The Fledgling Vampire

    Can you update for maxwell version please?
  3. Whitney

    Nice presentation,but no mod,why?
  4. Rechargeable Gems

    Nice mod,can you do the same things with repairing weapons with Flint please? It will be nice
  5. MorePlantables

    thanks for the update I hope it will work ! good job
  6. MorePlantables

    can you update it for nightmare please?
  7. Craftable Tentacle Spike

    How to get the tech magic lvl 3? what is the name? thx
  8. Unlimited Morsel !

    Nice but I knew that thing already before you posted the video. and I know more things,not only with rabbits
  9. Trad. Française

    Merci beaucoup,cela va plaire a mon ami.
  10. Break The Ice

    thank you,I just saw it has to be empty,that just was a small bug from the game,anyway,thanks . I love that mod.Finally,I can fish in winter :'( .
  11. Seras Victoria, The Fledgling Vampire

    Thanks a lot,that's really helpful,anyway I love the way you made her.I'm just not lucky with hunting rabbits right now.They are dead XD