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  1. Wisspher The Reckless One

    Wisspher! The Misplaced One!
    "No one can beat such a powerful being like me..."
    Health and Hunger : 200 Sanity : 100
    *Decayed Mind, He doesn't feel dapper.
    *A high strength requires a stable conditions.
    *Cannot wear any armor except his helmet.
    *A very picky eater, has problems to sleep.
    *Has some forbidden stuff.
    Code, Concept, In game Texture done by myself!
    Art done by Mf99k! such a great artist!
    Code help and support by FelixTheJudge! an amazing coder and modder!
    What does content this mod (more than an character)
    *Custom Speech!
    *All characters has unique examinations on Wisspher and his items
    *Basic Version
    *Decayed Mind, He doesn't feel dapper.
    -His sanity is just 100
    -Monsters aren't so scary for him, insanity aura is 0.4
    -Dapper items gives less sanity, dapperness is 0.8
    *A high strength requires a stable conditions.
    -His combat multiplier and hunger scales with sanity
    when your sanity is low, you will be more weak and the
    hunger loss will be less.
    When your sanity is high, you deal more than Wigfrid 
    and Wolfgang at min mightyness but your hunger rate
    will be high too, not much, calm down, he isn't going 
    to starve!
    -Has natural armor like Wigfrid, same resistance.
    -Is more slower than an average character.
    *Cannot wear any armor except his helmet.
    -A real drawback is he refuses wear any armor except
    it's own helmet.
    *A very picky eater, has problems to sleep.
    -This perks are similar to Wickerbottom but worst.
    Any spoiled foodstuff will recover nothing
    -Cannot sleep.
    *Has some forbidden stuff.
    -Talking about forbidden!
    He has a some own items for use, he is the only one
    who can craft them, but anyone can use it! Don't worry!
    -He refuses eat Green Mushrooms and Glommer's Goop.
    This is because if you just eat 2 of them
    he will be easily insane and that is a no no no!
    Combat Sword.
    Yeah, let's kill all of them! No one will be alive 
    after craft this magnificent weapon!
    Has 100 uses, Deals 40.8 of damage ,Doesn't requires research stations!
    Crafted with 1 Rope, 4 Flints and 2 Twigs
    Marble Sword.
    This is a fancy one, since marble is not renewable on
    servers without caves, they have good durability and 
    high damage
    Has 250 uses, Deals 55 of damage, Requires research station level 1!
    Crafted with 1 Rope, 6 Marbles and 3 Twigs
    Otherworldly Sword.
    Yo! You know you can make great stuff with moon rocks!?
    Thats pretty neat! You can craft a sword made with moon rocks!
    Has a great durability but a mediocre damage, but, can cast a meteor!
    A gentle meteor who doesn't destroys your entire base!
    Has 400 uses, Deals 34 of damage, Requires a magic station level 1!
    25% chances of spawn a small meteor who deals 25.5 of damage!
    Crafted with 1 Living Log, 6 Moon Rock Nuggets and 3 Flints
    Combat Helmet!
    Wisspher's essential equipment!
    This resistant helmet will help you in combat, has high pain reduction!
    Has 2350 hit points, absorbs 0.90 of damage! Doesn't require research station!
    Crafted with 3 Papyrus, 8 Rocks and 2 Gold Nugget
    Nightmare Staff
    A powerful staff!
    A staff with 10 uses, consumes 20 of sanity each use.
    Spawns Shadows explosions!
    Crafted with 10 Nightmare Fuels, 4 Living Logs and 1 Purple Gem
    Stunlock Amulet.
    Since Wisspher cannot hold any armor, why not use the nightmares to fight against your enemies!?
    Amulet with 25 max Nightmare Stunlocker
    Crafted with 6 Nightmare Fuels, 4 Gold Nuggets and 1 Purple Gem
    Configuration Options!
    Basic Mode / Bored Mode!
    This mode is from the people who doesn't want so many items. 
    So, If you don't like a lot of weird items, you'll only be able
    to craft the most essential ones.
    Change Reckless to Misplaced!
    This is so dumb but I'll do, I don't care, previously.
    Wisspher looked more like a Misplaced character. Since
    I changed all of his look, He's more Reckless now!
    But you will be able to change the title from
    "The Reckless One" to "The Misplaced One"
    Last Thing, Colors.
    Yeah, this is dumb too! You'll be able to change it's clothes colors!
    You have 3 flavours, from the normal red, to a misplaced blue or a purple madman!




  2. [Shipwrecked] Wisspharr! The Misplaced One

    Well, Thanks, Dragon Wolf Leo for the character template!
    Spearjab Update!
    Now, He is Wissphar, You know it, I guess...
    This version is more alpha than the Wissphar from DS/DST. This version has less content. because shipwrecked it's a new world and actually I didn't see a Marble or Tentacle Spots (for Marble Sword and TentaCaller NightSpear) But, I will add new ones! For the moment, his armor and helmet are removed, eventually will be added again. So...
    Stronger than average, has an armored feet!
    His strenght it's more mighty than the average. His feet will make him resist more too! but you will be a quite slower, just a little.
    Stomach consumes more but his health worth!
    He requires eat a bit more, his health it's 225!
    -Coconut 3.0- 
    Changed Wissphar texture and portrait.
    Wissphar now starts with an Supreme Cutlass.
    Strong feet removed. Insomnia removed.
    I have even more to do.
    -Coconut 2.0-
    Added Limestone Sword (Marble sword alternative)
    -Coconut 1.0 : Spearjabbing Update!-
    Added Spearjab animation (It's a bit buggy on the boat, but don't worry!)
    All Spears now have an tag called "Spear" to do the specific spearjab animation
    and his range is extended (1.10) but the attack has the same speed of the punch attack.
    Added Long Spear. The craft are the double of the normal spear. More longer than the spear (1.30)
    Re-Added the Natural Absorption (0.10)
    -DS to SW-
    Added him to Shipwrecked. Heh...
    Removed PTA, Throwing Axe, Marble Sword, TentaCaller NightSpear
    Will come back later, Wissphar Armor & Helmet, Nightmare tools
    Added an cool bandana for compensate the lack of items. Haha.
    Removed Armor Restriction.
    Added Insomnia.
    -To do!-
    New weapons! Yay! (yeah, more weapons than a simple spear )
    Redone Quotes




  3. Wissphar, The Misplaced One DST/DS

    He is Wissphar! an mod character, who has new weapons and an own armor! his strong feet and his resistance makes him an good combat character!
    He is strong and resistant!
    The strenght it's increased by (1.25 DST, 1.20 DS) and he can resist more damage because his armored feet protects him (0.15 DST, 0.10 DS, DS without RoG will don't have any special resistance)
    Knows more magic and weaponry.
    He has more advantage of crafting, he can do his own armor and helmet, also, new weapons and nightmare tools! He knows magic more fastly, having an 1 magic bonus builder, this means, you can craft prestihatitator items with science machine an shadow manipulator items with an prestihatitator
    His sanity is low and his stomach consumes fastly.
    Like wolfgang perk, his stomach consumption it's (1.20 DST, 1.30 DS)
    Own durable armor.
    The armor is the best part, he won't be able to use any armor, except his own, don't worry, his armor it's very durable (DST 4000, DS 2500) and resistant (DST 0.85, DS 0.80) now...
    get out an enjoy him, if you wanna, read the changelog.
    DST Changelog
    Reworked Throwing Axe and Possessed Throwing Axe (AKA PTA) textures. Reduced PTA projectile velocity from 35 to 20.
    Added him, heh.
    DS Changelog
    -Improved Wissphar hair color. (You can see it only ingame, i forget the portrait and the saveslots.) (Thank you Sep - The Cursed Leprachaun for the idea )
    -Redone Portrait.
    -Added his Speech
    -Added Maxwell intro (on adventure too)
    -Added Blue Gem and Red Gem Crafts
    -Fist attacks now are faster
    -Now starts with 1 Blue Gem
    -Attacks with an weapon equiped will do the pickaxe animation.
    Added him, heh.




  4. [DST] Wolfram, The Aristocrat

    2800 views and 400 Downloads! Cool, really cool!
    Wolfram The Aristocrat!
    This mod was created by Devil_saint, Ms Muzzles and Chromiumboy.
    Wolfram & Wolfgang art made by /FEZ\
    And ported by me!
    Health: 200
    Hunger: 200
    Sanity: 200
    Powerful if he's calm.
    He does a great damage only if you keep his sanity up!
    Beware don't lose much sanity. If you have low sanity.
    Go find something to get up!
    Detest all magic stuff.
    He cannot learn and use any magic stuff! Excepting the
    Life Giving Amulet and attune the Meat Effigy. and he will
    feel uncomfortable having nightmare fuel on his pockets
    Give it to another!
    Detest spoiled foodstuff.
    He doesn't like stale and spoiled food, he will have the
    Wickerbottom perk
    Struggles with luggage
    He will be a bit slower with a backpack, he doesn't like
    wear backpacks. Also he's a bit faster than average.
    The caves arrive.
    Update the speech.
    The ruins arrive.
    Update the speech.
    Change Log...
    V1 Mod Created
    V2 Bugfixes
    V3 A terrible bug in workshop.
    v3.1 Quotes redone!




  5. DST Wildo, The Powerful Weakling!

    Wildo, The Powerful Weakling.

    WOW!! 250 Downloads!

    WONDERFUL!! +2500 Views!

    thanks duds for use this mod, a new character is coming, totally new and with a

    perk who no one see, except for one from DS Original!



    This was my first and last (actually) for DS, So... The feautes was.

    Hair, His jacket and his mod portait (i guess...)
    Natural damage reduction. Just 10% A resistant face!
    Weak muscles! 0.75 Exactly
    Still doesn't show fear!
    0.50 insanity aura.
    Energetic! And still don't need eat to much
    Faster than average.
    His hunger consuming 0.80.
    Dislikes nights and later times
    Also i would like comments about this mod and improve my next mods




  6. Wildo the Powerful Weakling

    Hello! I'm Neutral, the creator of this mod, i just wanna say thanks for the people who downloaded my mod, i hope if you enjoyed the mod, also, now this has a together port, if you like this mod and you want it to together just click this forum
    Well then, i just wanna say when the New expansion arrives i will update it again.
    for the moment i will abandon it but still 100% working.
    St... Hum... WILDO IS BACK!
    I updated much things except character appearance, he likes green!
    -Updates from 1.4 to βeta 1-
    Changed his name from Steve to Wildo ("W" TO THE POWER)
    Health changed from 100 to 90
    Hunger changed from 175 to 160
    Sanity changed from 200 to 180
    Changed maxwell voice for wickerbottom
    Better stack!
    -Perks Changes from 1.4 to βeta-
    Insanity aura changed from 0.50 to 0.70
    Speed changed ( i don't know how to describe )
    Hunger consume a bit more faster than the old 0.75 to 0.80
    Removed resistance (no more RoG only)
    Better stack! (no more RoG only)
    Custom quotes!
    Vanilla compatible, starve now in the vanilla game!
    Improved portait (big character portait still ugly!)
    Thanks to
    Help me about the stack error
    Her tutorial for make character mods! (recomended with the extended sample character tutorial)
    -To do-
    Finish his quotes (over 60% complete)