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  1. Wilba because she's amazing and I would like to see how she would interact with people and have royalty stuff with pigs, also, I like transformations.
  2. My friend did the font called Forbidden Knowledge. https://www.deviantart.com/mf99k/art/Font-Forbidden-Knowledge-571349611 It has numbers.
  3. You sure? I noticed this before, but it doesn't seem to be light stuff.
  4. Me and my friends at 2AM will wait patiently for the new update, thanks for letting us know!
  5. I thought Maxwell had low HP due of the throne (also the same reason I think why is he more blue-ish than the other characters)
  6. I'm kinda sad it's no longer a RPG, I have hopes of being a good game and I would probably instabuy it since its KLEI and I have my bias. Then I saw Epic Store logo, big F. I'll probably buy it next year tho, however I'm kinda worried about how people will receive this, still I'm hopeful about the game, despite not being a RPG.
  7. Wormwood's Flammability

    Wormwood should be able to smolder before getting burned, while no character sets on fire when struck by lightning since vanilla DS, it can set on fire things near them, and if he gets struck too close it could be unfortunate, if he's able to smolder and having the time to extinguish as soon as posible would be good.
  8. Tweaked Wormwood Portrait, looks weird atm, this mod should fit better.


  9. For the armor I'd like to stick to a low defense, it goes well with another helmet but not too potent alone, I like the idea to not damaging you picking cactus and swamp bushes so. I'll go for it.
  10. It feels unpunishing, needs better drawbacks. Like a get out of jail free.
  11. Weird Headcannons

    Just a friendly repost, Wilson is not a real scientist.
  12. [Game Update] - 327257

    Hey, I've seen that base game Wagstaff cannot do any craft with doodads, since they don't exist in vanilla.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  14. To be honest I really liked the Warbucks battlecry idea, it made him unique in some way, I hope they give it to another character but gods his voice was so quiet, only his battlecry was audible.

  15. [Game Update] - 312201

    Does it fix the werewilba theme not looping?
  16. It can eat tubers and get poisoned, any food that can poison at the moment affects it. That's caused because tuber and poison dart frog legs code causes poison to any thing who has poisonable component, but in combat code checks if the character has poisonable tag and component. So, WX get's poisoned by eating it because it has poisonable component, and tubers don't check the tag, also, it will not lose health, but still drains sanity.
  17. Why do Wilson in concepts and when Klei does animations looks somewhat angry?

  18. Throwing off my money anyways!
  19. I'm shaking rn dude, Wortox, WORTOX. MY MAN THE LEGEND, SKIN FOR EACH REBALANCED CHARACTER, YOUNG WICKERBOTTOM HERE I COME, I'm pretty sure Wallace will be added too. Thanks a lot Klei, seriously.
  20. Klaus looks like a it could be villain from "El Tigre"