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  1. I voted for Maxwell and Webber, I should probably add Wormwood and Warly, since those four are very well and have their respective perks and downsides well done.

    However I have an issue for Warly, he's feels empty, like he needs the extra restoration from shipwrecked, I feel nothing playing as him, the rewards are mostly for your teammates rather for you.

  2. The best choice is set frog rain to less, hound/worm/antlion attacks to less, but never disabling any feature because it will cause surprises you don't want to, and you may need get used to it, if you like some more food setting berries and carrots to more, wildfires to less.

    That what I think, I like to show my friends every mechanic of the game so I don't like disabling seasons and create caves, have fun!

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  3. Boring and hard to singleplay him, tbh lacking the extra food restoration feels not good.

    Fun to multiplay, mostly for your teammates, but also having recipes for everyone feels great.

    For both, feels unnatural not having some crops arround the world, still bummed about it, potatoes could spawn over the world.