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  1. Just checking, but did you receive permission to port the mod?

    Devil_Saint allow me. He put it on the workshop a topic for no DST update, and he told in that post

    "If YOU would like to put in the work to get Wolfram ready for DST, let me know and I will make all the assets available to you. All I ask is that the original creative team is fully credited as co-creators on the Steam workshop."

    Also, i added you on steam for give the credit on the workshop DST post.

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  2. i have 2 things to say, if you use a backpack slot + amulet (i have this mod) that make use the body slot the sourbag, you can equip a backpack or his variables for get 1 sour bag and 1 backpacks equipable, also i think the sourbag cover the Wetness icon