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  1. 44f895130e30d99db5e31f488c80ff5f.thumb.png.14e6b9987a36edf6677e07f82d14cc5b.png

    OwO, what's this?

  2. 9402689da4de61141563a26fc519b6ee.gif

    Based on this suggestion


  3. 1__000.png

    I just wanted to make a survivor Wisspher.

  4. A friend of mine told me I was mentioned in some DS group some weeks ago, She told me now that xD.

    I don't know who mentioned me but...

    I love you guys :>

    1. ImDaMisterL


      lu too buddy no homo

    2. EulenMarie


      Awww... dont know what why who where but awww :D

    3. AquaRC


      thats sweet! too bad you don't know who mentioned you :( 

  5. Abigail got rekt by mating beefalos.

  6. Awesome profile photo made by Mica Mr Flanstache Draws

    1. Mobbstar


      What is that even? Looks like a supernova.

    2. Neu7ral


      @Mobbstar Modern Mind, and enemy from Mother 4, Only seen in trailer, since it's not Mother 4 ready yet *sobs*

    3. DwerBomb


      I recognised that from something...good taste! ^^

  7. Bored, bored, and yet bored.

  8. Down from the seas into space, Stretching his tentacles out, squirting them in your face, Swiggings is know for the phrase, I'll have my tea with cream if that's okay!

    1. ImDaMisterL
    2. Neu7ral


      Awesomenauts, Admiral Swiggins theme xD

      (When I was typing I get attacked by Charlie in caves)

    3. ImDaMisterL


      Oh, I know that game xD


  9. Dude.

    Just imagine how sad was because they escaped from the Forge and now they got trapped again on the Gorge.

  10. Got a dream about a lot of games and personal things, I got something of Don't Starve who I managed to remember, there was a lot of things, but I only was able to remember these ones.

    1. Charlie's Key & Chest.
    2. A weird new menu.
    3. Update logs inside of the game.
    4. Rebel-look clothing.

    Weird dreams heh?

    1. GiddyGuy


      1. Update logs inside of the game.

      yES PLEASE!!!

  11. Happy holidays to everyone!

    I hope you enjoy this day! :D 

  12. I just got a Trench Coat!

    After my curse of 4 gray long gloves ;_;

  13. I love this photo!

  14. I saw I can sync my profile photo with my steam one!

    1. Neu7ral


      Such poulty skill!


  15. I want to play Rhythm Heaven Fever...


    1. Dudedude


      is very gud gaem

      u is must downloads

  16. Just 1 Month and 1 Week for vacations!

    YEAH >:D

  17. Long time ago, talking with my friend, he was doing jojofications 4 free, I told him, how about jojoficate Wilson & Wendy?

    Got this, 10/10, I lost the wendy one :(


    1. Dudedude


      It's glorious

    2. Mobbstar


      [insert clever merge of a jojo-phrase with "science"]

  18. Me: *breathes*

    Minespatch: *hits react button*


    You're amazing, by the way.

  19. Oh well. I'm half devil!

    Also. My notifications:



    1. Neu7ral


      Yes! I got a 7 on my exam. Thats an ok for me!

  20. Reasos for use Wisspher.

    Can throw kisses and maintain his evil face.


    1. AquaRC


      obviously a great person to be friends with if he looks evil giving kisses. :) 

  21. Recieved some Sneakers "red", pretty good right?

    1. Mobbstar


      I'm red sure about that!

  22. Rectangle Wolfgang without his strong moustache?!? I like it!

    1. ImDaMisterL


      I don't even know, I think I started it out trying to make it resemble me?

      I have no idea, but if I like it and you like it, then it's gucci.

  23. Tweaked Wormwood Portrait, looks weird atm, this mod should fit better.