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  1. BENDER! (from Futurama

    What do you need help with? I think you got most of the lines. Check here for some quotes:
  2. Hey everyone! Make sure to check out my most recent series. A brand new, currently active and on day episode 10, heavily modded.
  3. Don't Starve Gameplay - Heavily Modded

    Updated playlist up to episode 10. We haven't starved yet
  4. Don't Starve Gameplay - Wilson, Here We Go Again #01 Don't Starve Gameplay Modded - Teching Up #02 Don't Starve Gameplay Modded - Saved By Glowing Butts #03 Dont Starve Gameplay Modded - Leafy Bulb Menace #04 Don't Starve Gameplay Modded - Too Close For Comfort #05 Don't Starve Gameplay Modded - Summer Koalefant Slaughter #06 Don't Starve Gameplay Modded - Breezy Vest Win #07 Don't Starve Gameplay Modded Dual Crockpots #08 Don't Starve Gameplay Modded - Awesome Storm Cellar #09 Don't Starve Gameplay Modded - OMG Prestihatitator #10 And more to come, we haven't starved yet Don't Stave Mod List: Better Traps: Brass Lantern: Clockwork Tooth Traps: Deep Freezer: Lunch Box: RPG Hud 25 Neat: Storm Cellar: Wall Gates: Wilson's Cabin: HUD: Coming Soon Thanks for watching, please like, favorite, and subscribe to help support the channel. Get Don't Starve: Music: Pixel Peeker Polka by Kevin MacLeod (Creative Commons BY 3.0) incompetech.comOutro Music: Home at Last by Ozzed (Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0) FACEBOOK:
  5. Clockwork Tooth Trap (RoG compatible)

    Nice work on the mod I made a video spotlight of your mod ClockWork Traps
  6. Screecher! Spoilers!

    OMG Screecher is scary and is dope! Check it out here: Don't Starve - Screecher Mod #01
  7. Auto Equip

    Bro, I made a video for your mod! check it out here! Feel free to use it on the steam workshop
  8. Shireen Plays Don't Starve

    Bro, your video is private, I can't view it
  9. Thanks Man! My fighting skills in this game are definitely my addition to other things hahaha Updated playlist up to episode #23
  10. Added ep. 20 and 21. Episode 21 has an epic fight scene at 2:45 - check it out