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  1. Ya, it seems to flow upward from underground. My point is that it's also a lore-friendly excuse to have crazier weather underground, since Klei doesn't want people to be able to dodge weather effects by going into caves. I like to think of the Don't Starve world as a crazy person's dream, hardened into reality. The core is Maxwell/God/Chair-Sitter's dreaming mind. The dream-goo or nightmare-fuel is something like a mass of willful stem-cell things that create the state of reality. Maxwell's sadism and boredom is also an excuse to shake it up over time, so that the player can't turtle for too long.
  2. I think there should be a lore-friendly reason to support the weather in caves. For example, maybe the core of Don't Starve's world is nightmarish-insanity instead of magma. So instead of caves being heated by magma, they are "insanified" by nightmare-flows from the core. I don't know if anyone else cares about this kind of thing, but I like how the world has its own lore. Like how an ancient civilization collapsed from using too much nightmare fuel, and that's where the ruins came from.