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  1. Well, his sanity is a challenge, all core features are implemented. I am currently willing to implement more unstable actions and we require his speech either.He will get a sanity boost out of killing stuff and also the gore flesh healing will be moved on to be used ONLY at the psycho badass mutant form.This project is WIP yet I believe with some work we can make this a good mod including a new style of playing: Killing stuff's purpose was for the hunger before, Krieg will change this as he likes killing stuff, He NEEDS creatures along with him to be killed. So Krieg might be hard, but in-game he is hard either. He is the most dying out character but if used properly, he is the killing machine. This should be enough information for what I am up to, along with my friend Lord Luxury.
  2. Version 0.5


    Krieg The Psycho, a Borderlands 2 character.Now in your game! I have implemented Krieg with difficulties along with it and I wouldn't do this without Lord Luxury. His pros and cons: 1. Brings his own sword. 2. Gore and flesh will let him heal. ( killing enemy gives health. ) 3. Unstable state of mind. ( At night, he might be insane or attack himself. ) His sword is a Buzz Axe, not for trees!. His health and hunger is same as Wilson yet sanity is only 30. More to be implemented. Credits: DaVinci557 - Lord Luxury