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  1. Love the Wolfgang! Heck, I love it all! Keep up the great amazing fantabulousplendid work!
  2. This would be amazing, especially with my love for tf2.
  3. I was wondering if whenever possible you could get a werepig drawn. I think it would look really neat, and I would appreciate it if you could!
  4. Wilson, by far for me. This antisocial scientist is quite fitting with my own personality. Nothing like a good ol' hermit character, that's what I say. Also, his face is so serious, when some of his lines are just goofy!
  5. Not sure if this goes here, but I wanted to start a thread for little jokes about Don't Starve (groaners allowed). Okay, here I go: Q: What do hillbillies call honey poultices? A: Honey Boo-boos!
  6. And now, we wonder the impossible question...what is the Doctor's name will we ever see that Rock Lobster...
  7. Just bad guesses, but Angler fish, scorpion, blue crab<--(reallyweird guess), iguana, and,cannot figure this one out, but will guess anyways, armadillo?
  8. Great thanks! Got a cold one?
  9. Hey, really late to the party, but that screamer at the sounds....distorted. The type of sound that definitely reminds me of someone that is being changed with dark magic, the person in this case, being Charlie. I probably have no connectio though, but it is still fun to think.