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  1. I can "renew"* *Renewing may include bludgeoning head of Sushi church Edit: But naw, I love sushi. All kinds. Especially baked lobster rolls.
  2. Fine. i will give up my love of war for friendship. Now I am going to go assassinate an emperor with poisoned bacon so I can start a war.
  3. But... war is what fuels the imagination. War is good. I will kill you all...
  4. Everything is bacon. Everything is good when you eat that meat.
  5. And so are you! Heil Bacon!
  6. Shaddup baby, I know it. I have been watching a bit too much Futurama.

  7. The last thing you will see in Pyroland before you are hugged (clobbered) to extreme happiness (death).
  8. Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon.

    1. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      It comes and goes, it comes and goes....The Gus name in Psych was freakin' hilarious!

    2. Crapplejacks
  9. Everybody if you can do the Bartman. Shake your body turn it out if you can man. Shake your butt to the side if you can can. Everybody if you can do the Bartman

  10. We're sorry for any inconvience you have experienced while looking at this mod. In the future, you might find such activities as providing an explanation to your daft statement in the comments. Have a better day.
  11. Shame I dare label it as a hurricane. No bacon...shame.
  12. Well, there is a hurricane in the East. Who else to blame but members of the other Breakfast Platers?
  13. Gulp... Oh bacon save me...
  14. That's not what I saw!
  15. I apologize... It must be said. Oh, @Malan-Tai actually worships scrambled eggs. You didn't hear it from me.
  16. I...originally worshipped the sausage, Bacon's mischievous cousin on the Breakfast Plate.
  17. @BarovSoap I have a confession to make, my Bacon Leader.
  18. Anything that can be awesome on this thread, will be. Greatness always shows here.
  19. Who's up for cocnut OIL?

    1. Crapplejacks


      I meant coconut. And: