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  1. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    just FYI for some reason, RPG Hud hates the notify me button for updates on the title screen, it crashes the game when i try to type something in the textboxes (turned it off and it works fine)
  2. Infinite Tools

    It literally makes all previous ones in your inventor disappear and when you try to craft another Lazy Explorer staff it just says "Can't do it" but still consumes the ingrediens
  3. Books Mod

    This is a great mod, I hope you update soon!
  4. Infinite Tools

    Heads up, for some reason on my game, this mod makes the Lazy explorer uncraftable
  5. Craftable 24 Slot Caves Bag

    I noticed it doesn't count as a bag anymore for some reason? it takes up a armor slot despite the extra bag slot.....it also isn't able to be picked up only equiped