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  1. Good ol Chester

    you need to be on full moon
  2. Character - GOIO

    A glitch I found, other characters are able to eat the stuff whitch goio is able to eat.
  3. Camp Cuisine: Re-Lunched

    Perhaps you could make the butter cost 5 butterfly wings, because 5 petals = 5 health, but a stick of butter gives 40 health, and since 5 wings give 40 health and butter comes from butterflies, the recipe will make more sense like this.
  4. Natsu the fiery Dragonfly !

    I think it would be nice to make him that he needs a dragonfly scale to summon him.
  5. Summons

    I mean that you can switch between a normal and a silk beard when playing as him.
  6. Summons

    Can you make the beard switchable for webber?
  7. Fish Farm

    Man I was waiting for this mod thanks a lot to come here for standalone THANKS A LOT!
  8. Damage Indicators

    Great mod!
  9. Koalefanta Proboscidea

    What are the drops of the secret(maybe) albino koalefant?
  10. Better Krampus

    Is he slower? Because most bosses(except ancient guard) are slow.
  11. Wall Gates

    I found a two bugs causing the game to crash: Hammering a gate which is down, examining a wall which is built.
  12. Maybe you can add for him an unique weapon: SNOWBALLS! Edit: His hat simply stays and works on 0% durability.
  13. Lighter Logs

    I saw other stuff like manure or spider glands stack to 40. Thanks!

    Maybe because it needs 2 tusks.
  15. Pickle It

    Very nice mod, but my pickled food can't be cooked in crock pot, why?
  16. William J. Danninghar:

    I found a bug which crashes the game: If you hammer your butler without anything in his hidden(shiftclick)storage crashes the game.
  17. Webber Mod[WIP]Tweak-time!(crash fixed)

    No, I mean that any kind of spiders are neutral to Webber, but she aggro on him.
  18. Webber Mod[WIP]Tweak-time!(crash fixed)

    Found a bug: Spider queens don't need to be provoked. Agressive at sight.
  19. Compromising Survival

    There is something which wasn't here: -This mod removes the need for meat effigies/touchstones/lifegiving amulets. Anyway this mod is useful to me to learn the coding about new windows.
  20. Webber Mod[WIP]Tweak-time!(crash fixed)

    You called the big portrait "squidward" again. Same applies to saveslot portraits and selectscreen, I fixed it and I can send it to you. Btw, add him neutral spiders. It looks weird that spiders attack a spider. Also the character model has a bit problems.