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  1. Luckily, you've been playing as Firestarter whereas my Wilson's beard doesn't glow
  2. Yeah, thanks, mate! I was actually floating around for a while in read-only mode, but eventually found the incentive to register at last. )
  3. Good point, although I doubt that lantern is completely steal-proof By the way, do monkeys smash walls if built (like hounds)? Or is it beneficial to bring traps/mines along?
  4. Greetings forum!Just scanned through all pages, haven't found anything relevant, so just asking it myself.How does one cope with monkeys?.. After considerable time spent on preparation for spelunking (resourses for setting up a base, three miner hats) these critters just stole my hats and that was basically it. Lurking in the dark in panic, while the poop is thrown at me, resulted in disappointing demise. I mean, I expected an adventure like going through the Maxwell's door and all I got was poop in my face. So, any advice about avoiding such unpleasant experience? Because otherwise the caves are no-go area for me...