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  1. Art....trades? Maybe? Need to break out of a mold.

  2. My log saw something that night...

  3. A dang fine cup of coffee

  4. One day I hope I'm titled "The Biggest Nerd in the Don't Starve Fandom"

  5. Imma draw like 5000 wickiebutts to celebrate

  6. Someone at klei told me there would be no more puzzles...yet HERE WE ARE!

  7. Happy Twin Peaks Day!

  8. Hopefully I will be all settled in soon to draw again!

  9. Je voudrais quarante timbits...

  10. Demander la charité Quand même si c'est une patate

  11. I'm exhausted...can someone me to all the woodie fanart 8'D

  12. Being in love with minor characters makes me veeeerrry easy to please 8'D