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  1. I'm not sure how the friends list thing works now... you follow people? So if someone follows you you don't follow back automatically anymore? Huh. 

    1. Mobbstar


      Yep, that's exactly it. And following does not do jack **** right now because status updates are not broadcast which means you have to manually check under the "activity" tab.

    2. acemurdock


      Hmm. What's the point of following then? I guess that curates your activity bar... 

  2. Still labeled junior member on new forums  :') 

    1. Mobbstar


      I'm your only profile visitor. What?

    2. acemurdock


      I suppose only recent one? 

    3. Mobbstar


      Oh, that actually sounds somewhat reasonable XD

  3. Whoaaa this is hella spiffy 

  4. *picks self up off floor* time to finish all I started

  5. *puts on Tron soundtrack* time to learn modding

  6. A dang fine cup of coffee

  7. Anyone going to PAX East this weekend?

    1. Mobbstar


      As it turns out, no. :-/

  8. Art....trades? Maybe? Need to break out of a mold.


    1. SuperPsiPower


      Release your inner lumberjack.

  10. Being in love with minor characters makes me veeeerrry easy to please 8'D


  12. Clever clever Klei!

    1. Theinsanefruitloop
    2. Mobbstar


      *compulsed, affirmative nod*

      y-yeah totally. You nailed it.

  13. Demander la charité Quand même si c'est une patate

  14. Demander la charité Quand même si c'est une patate

  15. Fixed the bug in Winona's file

  16. For some reason the little junior member label I still have annoys me. I AIN'T NO JUNIOR. DANGIT.

    1. Auth


      You've been on longer than me...

  17. Got my dedicated server up an running a few days ago! If you want in let me know.

  18. Guess who got a k-k-keeeeyyyy~

  19. Guhhh so many changes are being made to avoid griefing. Those of us that play on private servers and don't grief do not appreciate it. :/

    1. Mobbstar


      You can say that again! It's not just private servers though, literally any server where people group together for cooperative goals like surviving winter and deerclops is affected by those nerfs.

      Because as it turns out, a lot of people wanna beat deerclops in the face.

    2. acemurdock


      Yeah man. I haven't played since the Woodie nerfs, and I was ok with them at first, but the more I found out the more I'm just... :/

      I used to be pretty solid at contributing to the deerclops fight when there was no wolfgang or wigfrid as the werebeaver. Now... well no point fighting as werebeaver really.

  20. Happy Twin Peaks Day!

  21. Hey artists! Check this out! You don't have to be on tumblr to participate

  22. Hey, would anyone on here be interested in doing an art secret santa?

    1. Mobbstar


      What is that?

      ...That's a secret, duh.

  23. Hopefully I will be all settled in soon to draw again!