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  1. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    hahahaha are we being grouped as the woodie people now XD love it
  2. yeah same :/ I can't decide if having it makes it too easy, or if not having it makes it too hard. But that's....what Lucy is supposed to be for. Right now (her speaking) serves no purpose except "flavor" and that makes me sad
  3. Ace's Doodles

    SORRY I HAVEN'T BEEN HERE IN A WHILE, HERE'S A DUMP OF SOME STUFF. It was self-insert day and a few friends and I did ourselves in DS! Who'd wanna play as me, huh? Present for a friend that was feeling down and loves Wolfgang! another woodie aaaand some woodgang. Wolfgang knows when Woodie's going too hard on the trees and is ignoring Lucy, so he helps out by keeping him away until he's less furry.
  4. Guhhh so many changes are being made to avoid griefing. Those of us that play on private servers and don't grief do not appreciate it. :/

    1. Mobbstar


      You can say that again! It's not just private servers though, literally any server where people group together for cooperative goals like surviving winter and deerclops is affected by those nerfs.

      Because as it turns out, a lot of people wanna beat deerclops in the face.

    2. acemurdock


      Yeah man. I haven't played since the Woodie nerfs, and I was ok with them at first, but the more I found out the more I'm just... :/

      I used to be pretty solid at contributing to the deerclops fight when there was no wolfgang or wigfrid as the werebeaver. Now... well no point fighting as werebeaver really.

  5. Another thing to mention here is that with the log meter constantly visible as Woodie there is no functional purpose for Lucy talking. At all. She's supposed to warn Woodie when he's going to turn, and that could still work here. Needing Lucy with you a lot wouldn't even be a problem here because she can teleport to you, haha. She could speak from your inventory, like she does now sometimes. I talked to one of the developers and they said they'd keep in in for flavor, but... still, a lot of his main game mechanics just don't make any sense anymore. It's very convoluted.
  6. Wait weather affects him? And his damage is lowered? I'm ok with all the other changes, but this just makes the beaver kind of useless. Woodie already can tear through trees. No one needs as much wood as the werebeaver can provide (though I guess he can get other resources too). Bring back higher damage and weather resistance, and I'm fine. He was OP with being able to stay werebeaver for a while and tank things with no consequences, but now he's kind of useless for fighting? And you can't make fires with beaver hands, how are you supposed to resist weather? Makes no sense.
  7. THIS WOULD BE SO COOL. And useful. I'd love it both from a story standpoint and gameplay. also when I saw your name here I totally thought you'd be suggesting potato cup.
  8. Ace's Doodles

    HOO haven't been here in a while, sorry 'bout that! @michi01 I have to admit I forgot to do your request but I remember it now! Just have to do it... AAh I'm a scatterbrain... Woodie got a new wolfman skin concept and I had to draw it > ALSO PROPER RECOLOR:

    1. SuperPsiPower


      Release your inner lumberjack.

  10. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    oh man the razor just flies right out XD slightly dangerous... btw i like your music recommendations haha
  11. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    Well even if Wilson's audience doesn't understand at least he's enthusiastic XD Chester is precious and the only nice thing naturally in that island world.
  12. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    I know he's not next but that sorta counts as an appearance XD
  13. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    Wilson's having a nice full moon night meanwhile woodie's off rampaging in the distance XD No it's good the poor scientist gets a minute to breathe now and then.
  14. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    Ooooh what's he planning :0 I love the characters as tiny chess pieces!
  15. Fixed the bug in Winona's file

  16. Sometimes I Draw Don't Starve Stuff

    Hey draw who you want! I love your style so if you wanna draw Willow I'll come to see Willow!
  17. Ace's Doodles

    For sure! This week's been quite busy so I'll get to it this weekend! I love the new Dragonfly set up personally..
  18. Stream over. Was pretty fun!

  19. Woodie's Backstory

    Yeah for sure! I really do hope we get more backstory on them. I wouldn't mind if Lucy did turn out to be someone from his past, so long as they gave a good explanation as to why he never talks about that. As for the werebeaver thing, I'm not sure! It could be part of the deal he made, like "I want to be the best lumberjack ever!" and Maxwell drags him in and does that to him, as a cruel joke. Hard to tell though. He seems to have a pretty good handle on it (Lucy definitely knows the drill already) so it might just be something he's been dealing with for a while, and made the deal to come to the island to get away from those who might hunt him/chase him down.
  20. Woodie's Backstory

    This is the quote: "Other than the whole "talks to his axe like it's a person" thing, he's a pretty normal guy. " Source -> So I am doubtful about that. He's a pretty happy guy. If his wife was dead and her soul was trapped in his axe, or if it was just a reminder, I think he'd be a little sad about it.
  21. Woodie's Backstory

    Not officially. There's the mod, for sure. But he's not released in DST yet, so we don't know if anyone can hear her. If they can't? She's proooobably his imagination. If they can? She's magic! But a dead woman's soul trapped in an axe? Don't think so. There's not enough in canon to suggest that she was a living person, at all. Just that she likes Woodie and loves chopping trees. An odd one, for sure, but they make a good team.
  22. Woodie's Backstory

    I never thought it made sense that his wife was the axe. Or that she was a person at all. Wendy has a ghost, I don't think Lucy is a ghost. Also he's not in mourning. Pretty sure Lucy is someone he made up to keep himself company spending so much time alone. Or, maybe, she is some sort of spirit guide. Not a dead wife.
  23. Updated my mods so they are compatible with RoG

    1. Mobbstar


      oh cool, I didn't know RoG requires special care XD

    2. acemurdock


      Something in them was making them crash when used with RoG, I just fixed that bit.