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  1. New Files in DS

  2. New Files in DS

    nautical navigation! I mean we got the sextant...
  3. New Files in DS

    THIS GUY GOT IT "Bassinet"
  4. New Files in DS

    Yeah, each is a riddle, and when he shows the card, you have to answer the riddle corresponding to that card? I think that's where this is going. The riddle answers might be in-game items. Like shadow armor for the armor one or something.
  5. New Files in DS

    Maybe each one is a riddle, and we have to correspond the answer to the riddle given for the item as the answer on the page when Wolly is holding that particular card?
  6. Clever clever Klei!

    1. Theinsanefruitloop
    2. Mobbstar


      *compulsed, affirmative nod*

      y-yeah totally. You nailed it.

  7. New Files in DS

    YOOO PUZZLE! We have to find where the x marks the spot!
  8. Sometimes I Draw Don't Starve Stuff

    I really like the style of the one where Wilson is having tea and Willow is napping against a tree! Really sweet and calming haha.
  9. AHHHH I really hope they make kid skins for everyone (and that it doesn't turn out like lord of the flies). That Wigfrid kid is so cute oAo
  10. Ace's Doodles

    another woodie dump from my blog FALLOUT NEW VEGAS AU - He's a good guy but also a cannibal Someone asked what the worst way to die is- I said insanity. :T Tried to get that wonky color scheme that happens when you go nuts in the game. Like everything's washed out except the reds are REALLY BRIGHT and stuff. someone requested a "man-bun"
  11. WOODIE WITHOUT A BEARD ALWAYS GIVES ME A HEART ATTACK but looks good haha! Also yeah one of the fun parts of being in this community a while is seeing people's art progress it's so awesome!! Also it's good having people encouraging you to draw more to get more practice
  12. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    hehehehe yes very much. Hopefully he can keep it together so his new friends don't think he's crazy (yet).
  13. The Theme On Piano

    yooooo nice! Now I want to learn it to attract fellow ds nerds at cons like a mating call. Or just have fun playing it hahaha anyway awesome job!
  14. Ace's Doodles

    It'd probably be Peter A. then, he was rocking a sweet beard for a while so it wouldn't look too different hahaha
  15. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    nice icon loopy :> yay woodie has arrived!
  16. Ace's Doodles

    Wait like the app thing where it switches the faces? Faceswap with whom? : o I'm confused haha
  17. Ace's Doodles

    Well we have the same job! Except mine is less killing people and more thinking about outer space Eccentric? I think that's...good! Yeah. I'm going to say that's good. Thanks! He can't do summer well. Winter, yeah, summer, no! Thanks!
  18. Updated my Willow mod! Can craft Bernie now.

  19. Ace's Doodles

    he still wears his flannel under his summer stuff....

    Wooohoo! I wonder what skins will be released that they haven't shown us yet?
  21. No no, I understand. I'm just going about this thread with the idea of trying to make him more balanced, that's all. Your ideas would work as it is currently, yes. I'm just saying that if the best way to play him now is to avoid his main game mechanic, perhaps it is not the best way to balance him.
  22. Yes, you could plan ahead to just cancel it out and totally ignore one of his main game mechanics because it's broken, yeah. "Preparing for the full moon" before meant positioning yourself for maximum efficiency during the night when you could stay werebeaver easily, and gather lots of materials. Also, prepping for the sanity and health drop by making jerky so you can get back to health again when you turn back to Woodie. Now, prepping means try to not be werebeaver as fast as possible? I get it, it's a "curse", it's bad, but this kind of...turns a main game mechanic of his from a tricky upside to a downside. Doesn't it?
  23. Ok, played some hours with the changes last night. I am better informed. Going to and from werebeaver is very easy now, as long as you are near lots of trees. The sanity you lose as werebeaver can easily be regained as Woodie with pinecones, so long as you were only gnawing trees in your time as werebeaver. The weather effects were not a big a deal as I imagined, because as werebeaver, you get down to 0 sanity MUCH faster than weather can take effect. When it rained, I barely got wet, because his resistance cancelled out the rain nicely. During the winter, I didn't even have time to GET cold before the sanity meter hit zero. So, in your above post, I agree that it would be nice to have some way to restore sanity, if the weather effects are there to further discourage staying as werebeaver too long. Next, full moons are TERRIFYING now. The log meter drains very fast, so it is hard to turn back and avoid the sanity penalty. You're almost guaranteed to go insane during a full moon. I kind of like this, from a story standpoint, but still, it'd be nice to be able to prepare and have a sanity buffer somewhere (does glommer work? I didnt try this). Finally, like you said in your summary post, he NEEDS more damage to make werebeaver worth it besides resource gathering. He's not going to be the fighter of the group anymore, not with the health, but really all he can be used for is resource gathering and it's a bit tricky to handle that. Of course, his limited uses are now balanced by the fact that it's so easy to go back and forth between forms now.... I'm less annoyed than I was. More confused at what his purpose now will be in a group.
  24. How 'bout some Art?

    ahh so cute! I hope Webber learns that spiders are not everyone's friends...