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  1. Dexter's Comic Laboratory

    Ahh can't wait for your mod it looks so fun! And poutine !!
  2. Ace's Doodles

    I haven't been able to play since she's been added but she looks awesome
  3. Ace's Doodles

    Woodie vs manly Dan! From an ask on my blog.
  4. Ace's Doodles

    He decorated his cabin for Christmas! Too bad he won't be around for the holiday though. There's a full moon this year on the 25th
  5. Ace's Doodles

    OK thanks! I just get super nervous about that stuff. :'D
  6. Ace's Doodles

    OK uh... Hope this doesn't violate any terms or anything, guess it's sorta NSFW? Just some characters in 1920's underoos. Thought it was tame enough. Let me know if not! Willow, Wes, then Woodie.
  7. Kelu's Don't Starve Arts

    Love the bows :>
  8. Ace's Doodles

    Hey fellow artists! I'm running an art or writing secret santa for the don't starve fandom this year. Check it out if you want to participate!
  9. Hey artists! Check this out! You don't have to be on tumblr to participate

  10. Next DLC Idea - A different version of the island for each survivor's puppetmaster mode

  11. I really like shipwrecked! Camps on all the islands ;D

  12. Ace's Doodles

    Happy Shipwrecked early access day everyone! Don't join a ship with Woodie as captain, he can't swim, and he'll eat the boat. (sorry guys haven't been drawing much at all lately, hopefully I can get the drive again...)
  13. Hey, would anyone on here be interested in doing an art secret santa?

    1. Mobbstar


      What is that?

      ...That's a secret, duh.

  14. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    Webber's guilty face D: aw no kid it's alright... don't be sad...
  15. Yeah that's me! Thanks so much I didn't think artists were interested in rp blogs! And that's ok, I can handle the angst, both woodie pics were great :> ok ill stop crowding your thread now sorry
  16. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    Webber's got the "OHH IM IN TROUBLE NOW" face haha
  17. Lucas-Shiroi Don't Starve Art

    Aw they're both oddballs, but they can take care of themselves! Also chester!!
  18. Your style is cute and cheerful and I love seeing your stuff!
  19. Ace's Doodles

    Maybe because he looks angry? I don't think he's very young, anyway. Not younger than 35 at least.
  20. Ace's Doodles

    There was an explanation about why he's wearing no shirt, angry, and in the dark, but I didn't feel like finishing the pic, haha. Here he is with a shave and mad about it: and then to show that it's the same guy I drew a beard and hair floof over: Also, BEAVER SUPLEX!! AND HIS NAME IS WOLFGANG! OHHHHH DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUNNNN Werebeaver should probably be bigger but this was a lunch break doodle, probably won't go back to it.
  21. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    Hope you're doing ok loopy!
  22. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    Hmm so does he learn stuff in dreams from the forbidden knowledge? Like Cooper from Twin peaks?
  23. Loop's Fanarts of Don't Starve little post 8D

    OH snap!! Wilson be careful what you wish for...
  24. Ace's Doodles

    Haha understandable, I don't often draw in the DS style, but when I do it's really fun (also I'm flattered because KaStar always does a really good job hehe)
  25. Ace's Doodles

    Princess Bride, anyone?