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  1. Ace's Doodles

    *head in hands* SORRY I haven't been back for a while, I wanted my next post to be another character BESIDES Woodster but I haven't had much time this last week. I want to draw each of the characters, but I need to finish my part of the DS tarot card project before diving into that project. FOR NOW, take another Woodie in a Tam o'Shanter! Tam o'Shanters are my favorite and always look so cheery even with Woodie's perpetual grump face.
  2. Ace's Doodles

    GOOD. that is MY HOPE ahahaha I started drawing and writing on my rp blog because I felt he didn't get enough attention, although now he gets a fair amount. Thanks!
  3. Ace's Doodles

    hahaha THANKS! And yes, I am going to go through the old stuff, I was just trying to avoid a WOODIE ONSLAUGHT 'cause that's basically all there is over there, haha. AHHHHH thanks! Man...I look up to all a y''s scary to think you're looking over here BUT I WILL PERSEVERE.
  4. Ace's Doodles

    HA I almost chickened out again but I am BACK. Like I said, I draw a lot of Woodie *cough* becausehe'sthebest *cough* but I will try to draw the others so it's more balanced over here...ahaha.
  5. Ace's Doodles

    THANKS ahahaha I'm a lil scared forreasonsyoumightknowalready ahaha but yeah, tumblr is a strange place to leave art, so, I'm trying to collect it somewhere. *shrug*
  6. It's irrational, yes. BUT CHECK THIS OUT. ---- ---- From Tall Trees, Tough Men (a book about logging in New England and Canada from the 1800's onward) SO I’m thinking that the birds symbolize death, to him, and over time this has developed into an irrational paranoia. Crows already signify death (when it is a single crow) so this just adds more birds to the list. Also, Loons have terrifying red eyes, and Canadian geese are flippin’ evil creatures so, who can blame him for going that extra step and hating the whole lot?
  7. Why Woodie Hates Birds

    Thanks for your intelligent input on the matter at hand! Bravo, sir!
  8. Puzzle Thread

    Subsequent fires, huh? Did he cause the earthquake in his rage with demon fires that spawned a little fire lady? hahaha *im not helpful at all*
  9. Puzzle Thread

    Yeah, I think I saw somewhere that if you spawn her in debug mode she talks to the other characters. I don't think they answer back though, so *shrug*
  10. Puzzle Thread

    Yeah, I do believe that is a reference to how Woodie fits in. I really hope they tie this together and show how all the characters are connected in the end. That would be just GRAND.
  11. Puzzle Thread

    HA. I was suggesting that maybe Lucy could have been a person before being trapped in an axe. Not a unique suggestion, I think.
  12. Puzzle Thread

    Can I indulge my theories and suggest that the sister could be named Lucy?
  13. Deer's DS fanart

    psshhhh hater! Lame.
  14. Hey Everyone, I made a playlist on 8tracks where I collected a bunch of songs that remind me of Don't Starve. Fun to play to!
  15. Playlist to Don't Starve to!

    Yeah the last song is kinda my Don't Starve theme song. I can imagine all the characters doing stuff to it.
  16. -

    Woodie is the freakin' best and does not get enough attention. This is the place to come if you love the cursed Canadian and want to show him some love!
  17. -

    I always crack up at the stuff Lucy says when you die, because I think the game treats it as "dropping" her. She sounds like such a snotball sometimes XD
  18. -

    Here's something I already put on tumblr, but I didn't want to abandon this thread so here ya go! Woodie has hay allergies but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
  19. -

    ..... D:
  20. -

    Kinda new here (see post count) so I guess I have some looking around to do. Thanks!
  21. -

    I would love to see more? How bout that? Thanks though
  22. Hey Everyone! I cosplayed as Wilson for Boston comic con last weekend! It was my first time cosplaying for a con, so I wasn't totally prepared. I got some pics, but my camera was kinda broken (shattered iphone) and I didn't get any of the whole outfit. Anyway, here's the beginnings of the cosplay and I will post as I make updates. I went with no wig because I don't have one yet, but I think I got the point across?
  23. Another Wilson Cosplay!

    Wow thanks for the responses! I'll try to get some more pictures (like from the side, of the whole thing, etc). because most of the pics I took that day turned out rather shoddy X( (broken phone camera was all I had with me). I also am planning a lot of updates to it so I'll show those as they progress :3
  24. Playlist to Don't Starve to!

    Awesome! I'm glad you guys like these. If you guy have songs that remind you of Don't Starve lemme know
  25. Gobbler Fanpage

    Yeah I don't understand the hate. I see a gobbler and I think "YES FREE FOOD". Maybe people don't know how to get them?