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  1. OH GOD OH **** OH **** OH GOD OH **** OH **** OH GOD OH **** OH **** WHAT IS HAPPENING!?
  2. ((No. I'm still with Maxwell. Besides that, David's going to constantly be cross-checking his location with the location of others, making him practically unlocateable because he'd always know where you were, if not how far away you were.))
  3. David slowly and carefully extrends his hand out towards the scroll, quickly snatching it back and examining it in closer detail for himself. Each part seemed to detail very deeply the character of every person on the island, revealing some very choice information about nearly everyone except himself. As David read further and further, a sudden feeling of unease passed, seemingly carried by the wind. The urge was cold and evil, and was immidiately recognised by both the Puppetteer and David. One of the Touched was awoken. David rolls up the scroll and places it carefully in his bag, the Puppetteer speaking in response to his previous statement calmly. "I can agree to that." He said somewhat lightly, "In fact, the request that brought me to you in the first place involves a fair bit of stealth... I wish to see what would happen if you had inflicted the same kinds of wounds to the others that have invaded this island..." Finally the Puppetteer's plans were laid out in full. This was what he had been planning from the start. But what of it's implications? What would everyone being 'Touched' actually do? "Excluding Rivetter, though. He, or should I say it, already carries the taint of that blade, courtesy of my dear friend Charlie. If this plays out the way I hope, I could get the Pieces I need and you could potentially not only have the Island to yourself, you would have full control over it as well..." The Puppeteer finished what he had to say on that matter and now moved to speak about the compass, whose needle had begun excitedly twitching all of a sudden. "The compass and scroll would be able to work in tandem with each other. The compass needs the holder to either focus on the image or to say the name of their inquiry... It is that simple." David gives a small nod to the Puppeteer before focusing on the first name that came to mind from the list, speaking it aloud in the event he wanted to hear what his first target would be. "...Evelyn Anna Lucian." ((Surry pohr ze vait. Eye vanted tu arpee elswerr, leik on a sevr I plai on Terraria. Is vrry gud.))
  4. ((Eheh. Fun. But Tesa, you still haven't updated my character spreadsheet from forever ago when I updated it. Look back early in the pages here-- you'll find it.))
  5. "I'm more amazed that didn't disappear on his death than interested in it, but you're better off scrapping that...wait." The Puppeteer stopped himself, his mouth quickly turning inwards to make a large, toothy grin of sharp teeth, "I have an idea. I'll let you have the scroll, which changes as time go by, and inform you of what I do know of that unique compass. However...the next time I come to you for a request, you will accept it without question, reservation, judgement or second thought in general. Understood?" David was rather unnerved by the request. What was this twisted Puppeteer planning? "...I'll agree to that, so long as the compass will work as I believe it should, and the request you make later isn't detrimental to me." David says somewhat sharply, "I'm a reasonable man. If the request itself is reasonable or, better yet, mutual, there will be no issue whatsoever. Deal?"
  6. ((Yes. That's the game. And Maxwell... what are you going to be asking me..?))
  7. "He was never on the scroll as well, so I don't really know more than you do, sadly." The Puppeteer said solemnly, as if he was ashamed of what the person had turned out to be. David pauses, examining what this would mean to him. If he doesn't know how to operate the compass, then it would truly be of no worth to either of us. He thought. That in mind, I seriously doubt he has any actual interest in keeping the trinkets for his own use, and is likely only interested in 'leveling the playing field' as it were, removing some items from play to make things all the more interesting... "What a shame, then." David said calmly, drawing the useless compass out from his pocket and tossing it gently over to the Puppeteer, "I was hoping that you would know how to use this compass of his." David pauses as the Puppeteer examines the compass, giving it a somewhat curious look. "The strange fop murmured something about it being able to point to anything anywhere..." David says, motioning over to where the man was, "...But I suppose the secret of how exactly it's used died with him. This should be more than enough for the information that I desire, mm?"
  8. ((/me bonks Tesa on the head with a rolled-up newspaper No. Bad.
  9. ((Okay then. Looks like we'll need a mod to come seal up Pandora's Box until Tess is ready again.))
  10. ((My vote goes towards 23. I would do it, but then I remembered that I really don't want to. He's the only one that would be any good for the job, methinks.))