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  1. Sorry I don't check this thread often but here XD
  2. btw red when DaVinci says "either" above he means "too" and "also"
  3. I'm sorry to disturb you and scare you to the point of peeing your pants, but, I thought the thread was interesting ^.^
  4. Oh my god guys chill and do you ever sleep? I followed this thread and every time I refresh the page it says 200 notifications (and i only follow this thread)
  5. I dont like this style wat happen to da arts
  6. I disapprove of the idea of wes looking like a hippie O_O
  7. I thought people might think that so I added details and made it round.. Unless dirt can float in a bowl shape XD
  8. Yayyy the picture is so random but somehow suits me.