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  1. Hamlet Beta - Pretty Parasol

    Disabling all mods helped, thanks!
  2. I took the egg in my hands to move it closer to the fire at night, and at that moment 2 ro bins appeared Then I killed them both and only one returned, but both stones are active
  3. Hamlet Beta - Pretty Parasol

    I still can't find pretty parasol in my game
  4. I've just checked and I still have this bug in newly created world
  5. Drying meat

    I aslo had this bug in my world with morsel
  6. Platform - Steam Do you use mods? - Yes, just a few mods like map HUD and Simple Status Version Number - 320301 (hamlet interior beta) Describe your issue - Doorway in caves doesn't match the map. I made a short video revealing this bug, pls watch:
  7. I merged my Hamlet world with Shipwrecked and found bug with crockpot. Meatbolls dissaper from the crockpot every time I try to pick them. This issue appeares only at the Shipwrecked world, I haven't it in Hamlet. All mods were disabled. video: log.txt
  8. Guys you are the best! Tysm for supporting the game ♡ Can't wait for the April and new content
  9. My game keeps crashing every time I place turfs around the house in the village. I tried to place turf on my base many times but it always end up with crash. Hope you'll fix it! ♡ example1: example2: example3: All mods were disabled. log.txt