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  1. I did a video thing on the shipwrecked dealio. Feedback would be nice. Thanks.
  2. Hey, two friends of mine, and I, put together some videos of us playing Don't Starve together. We've produced two so far, and are looking for feedback. I am aware of the background noise, we know who that's from, and we're going to try and resolve that issue. Some advice is appreciated for editing as well as this was the first time I ever edited with premiere pro. Episode 1: Episode 2: A big thank you to anyone who bothers to watch and leave feedback.
  3. Episode 3 yaddayadda
  4. The next episode, i did some messing around with the audio. I hope it's actually enjoyable this time.
  5. Secondly if you want to make it louder, select the entire audio track then go to effect, Amplify and turn up the dB until it sounds good to you. Then go back to effect and use the Compressor effect, be sure to COMPRESS BASED ON PEAKS. Then all you need to do is edit the track over your LP and you're good to go. I'm no audio engineer, but these steps should help your audio quality go up alot! I hope this helped in some way! Thank you. I do find myself rather incompetent in these matters so I do appreciate it. I've heard of audacity before but I've never really known what it was for. I have more experience with doing post commentary talking about things, which is something I plan to do for some games, but i know it would be rather inappropriate for this style of video. So next opportunity i get I'll try and record with your advice. Thank you.
  6. Are you looking for a poorly made video with audio problems by someone giving commentary that would get a D+ at the most? Well this is the video for you. I Spent a whopping 5 minuets editing this, and doesn't that effort show? No but seriously any recommendations on how to get better would be appreciated, and i know my audio is to quiet.