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  1. WOOOOOOOOOOO !!! That's awesome !!! iluvit !
  2. Yeah, I'll sure try ! But tbh I'm not sure I will success...
  3. Hi ! I did hear of you, but never met you while on. And what an awesome artwork !
  4. @The Letter W as promised, here is my first attempt at a better Wilson, and as you can see, I'm far away from you xD
  5. Legend of Grimrock II
  6. First things first, have another Don't Starve Meets, this time with BBT ! And now, to thank @Willette and @The Letter W for their awesome me, that : What do you want to be in these gifts ?
  7. OMG. So awesome. I love it so much. Each single piece of your drawings.
  8. Not meĀµ. When you have a playing time limited to 45 minutes, that sucks.
  9. Depends. If it's when you quit, it'd be awesome. I don't know how many times my friend and I had to lose an awesome run because we had to go.