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  1. Me neither, but in that one, the blood is pretty bad done, so that's okay for me.
  2. "Donnez-moi ton argent, donnez-moi ton fromage"

  3. Thanks ! Yeah, I noticed that at the pencil step, but I decided to leave it like this. I guess I like it that way.
  4. Is it really bad if I didn't draw the bolts on Wx's head sides ?

  5. Because she's "loli and cute and squoshy squoshy".
  6. Amazing ! Look at their belly of course they won't starve ! =P
  7. Call of Cthpupu xD Btw your art is amazing !
  8. I suck too much for you all.

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    2. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      Validation, not attention.

      Some of us were made to feel like crap all the time, so it's hard for us to remember we are worthy sometimes with little to no self-esteem.

      Please be nice on this topic with him.

    3. CyanBlue


      He keeps saying that over and over and over again and everyone keeps telling him that it's ok, he is a good guy etc.

    4. Malan-Tai


      Is it my bad if I can sometimes fall in depression ?

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  9. Not if dragons are tentacly
  10. Listen to the epicness.

    1. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      Strong as ever. What was it used last in, Mass Effect series?

    2. Zomsabra


      My ears exploded from the amount of epic.

    3. greenglacier
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  11. @DwerBomb when did your first contact with tentacles happen ?
  12. Why are the spies ALWAYS french!? D:

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    2. Hugo M.

      Hugo M.

      Thats just what french people want you to think, subscriber42069.

    3. J20hawkz


      I like tuna baguettes from Greggs.

    4. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      ...and that's why the French wear *brown* pants...too late?

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  13. A poor beggar needs BoI ;~;

    1. DwerBomb


      (That's not the correct way to get the bloodbag)

    2. Malan-Tai


      You have to give blood to blood machine until it explodes, right ?

    3. DwerBomb
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  14. Drowing Some Awesomenauts/DS crossovers atm

  15. I was actually speaking about glommer and Willow's head
  16. Oh god my fuckin ear is so fuckin painful. It's 5 AM atm and I can't even sleep T-T