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  1. Not Sure if it suppose to be there or not but why are you able to attack the Slurper and they attack back at you.

    If attacker has Tag "licking_tribe" (all lickings has this tag) or tag ("player") then licking can't attack him. I tried to attack every lickings by player - they don't attack me back.

    So...they can attack you ONLY if you attacking them by non-player character (for example by tamed creatures) or if your main character lost his tag "player"...But I don't know what can do that...There is no functions (things) in official game (not mods) what can lose player's tag "player".


    Also off topic: Slurpers (not lickings) still your enemies.

  2. I can't active this mod in Mods tab, it say crash and unable to active. Hope you fix this. Thank you :-)

    1) What's version do you use?

    2) Is it Standalone Don't Starve or it's Steam version?

    3) Is your game with RoG DLC?

    For example:

    1) Rev. 102572

    2) Steam Version.

    3) True, updated with RoG DLC.

  3. @Getura

    Коменты мои, чтобы я иногда мог ориентироватся быстрее в этом большом (более 300 строк) файле

    Два пути убрать это:

    1) Закоментить/убрать строчки со звуком

    2) Убрать некоторые состояния и оставить один "idle"

    Если не убирать, а сделать реже, то надо просто подредактировать некоторые проверки при рандомности следующего состояния.

    И странно, ты первый, кто жалуется на это. ^^

  4. i have 2 question :

    -will it work on my current save file ?

    -how can i install it ? (this is first time im using smt like this)

    waitin for your answer thanks !

    1)Yes, it will work on your saves (But it required DLC - RoG) - but if you want it for original version, pls contact me (I don't sure before to make it bcs I hope everyone who buy don't starve will buy this DLC).

    2)There you can find all official tutorial for "how to install mods".

    So in my Zip archive there is a folder with mod.

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  5. It's allready on Steam Workshop.

    I am working on talker component right now. He will speak with you!

    It will be third (3th) creature, what will say something (as in my dreams ^^).


    Upd: I finished the working on update - it's now version 1.5