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  1. I am using quickplay -> choose character -> clicking ready, other players says: "Leave you are level 1" Can't play new event, Klei, can you give me a possibility to play new event (I have no friends). Maybe DEVs will cooperate with me then?
  2. "P.S. Compatiable with DLC" - it's 8th string from the up
  3. If attacker has Tag "licking_tribe" (all lickings has this tag) or tag ("player") then licking can't attack him. I tried to attack every lickings by player - they don't attack me back. So...they can attack you ONLY if you attacking them by non-player character (for example by tamed creatures) or if your main character lost his tag "player"...But I don't know what can do that...There is no functions (things) in official game (not mods) what can lose player's tag "player". Also off topic: Slurpers (not lickings) still your enemies.
  4. 1) What's version do you use? 2) Is it Standalone Don't Starve or it's Steam version? 3) Is your game with RoG DLC? For example: 1) Rev. 102572 2) Steam Version. 3) True, updated with RoG DLC.
  5. @Getura Коменты мои, чтобы я иногда мог ориентироватся быстрее в этом большом (более 300 строк) файле Два пути убрать это: 1) Закоментить/убрать строчки со звуком 2) Убрать некоторые состояния и оставить один "idle" Если не убирать, а сделать реже, то надо просто подредактировать некоторые проверки при рандомности следующего состояния. И странно, ты первый, кто жалуется на это. ^^
  6. "Tiled" can export in Lua, but can't import from Lua? Does anyone knowing how to Import in Tiled then?
  7. Working on Literature of Lickings

  8. "Friendly Slurper" updated to 1.5.2! Now with settings on "P" button.

  9. The new Update are there. Thanks for using my mod.
  10. You can only craft it, i didn't add this at spawn list. So you can't find his eyebone. And yes he will respawn after death on next day
  11. yes, all catcoons houses at map will get 90 lives (don't see problem in that ^^).
  12. 1)Yes, it will work on your saves (But it required DLC - RoG) - but if you want it for original version, pls contact me (I don't sure before to make it bcs I hope everyone who buy don't starve will buy this DLC). 2)There you can find all official tutorial for "how to install mods". So in my Zip archive there is a folder with mod.
  13. Friendly Slurper can now speak with you! (update 1.5).

  14. It's allready on Steam Workshop. I am working on talker component right now. He will speak with you! It will be third (3th) creature, what will say something (as in my dreams ^^). Upd: I finished the working on update - it's now version 1.5
  15. Comming to

  16. Version 1.2.4


    Warning: This Mod can be installing ONLY with Reign of Giants DLC Craft the Catcoon's House at your camp or wherever you want! You can build it in "Structures" tab by: 2 Rope 4 Logs 3 Beefalo's Wool 3 Fish 1 Cat Tail P.S. (contact me, if you want to see this in original version - for not-required DLC).
  17. Version 1.5.7


    Meet your own friendly Slurpers (updated to 1.5.4)! You can tame them by eyebones. They can speak! So the third creature in the game, what can speak. Also use the button "P" to Set Up your lickings! *And now with mod Settings on "Mod Page" "It's so hairy!" Have FUN! P.S. Compatiable with DLC --------- Originaly Licking: health: 600 damage: 40 attack speed: 3 slots (number): yes (9) light at night: yes Ice Licking: health: 500 damage: 0 slots (number): yes (9) - only food light at night: yes Working like a good fridge. Epic Licking: health: 700 damage: 60 attack speed: 2 slots (number): none light at night: yes Has a "beard": every 3 days add a 1 beardhair's stack (max 7). Need to be shaved by razor. You can craft "Licking eyebone" in Science tab by: goldnugget = 2 boards = 2 nightmarefuel = 2 You can craft "Ice Licking eyebone" in Science tab by: goldnugget = 2 boards = 2 nightmarefuel = 2 You can craft "Epic Licking eyebone" in Science tab by: goldnugget = 4 boards = 4 nightmarefuel = 3 --------- For Developers: You can use the next tags for interaction with lickings: "licking_tribe" for all lickings. And mostly the name of prefab is a unique tag to interact with this type of lickings.